My Daughter-In-Law Said “You’ll Go To Heaven For This”

Recently, my Mexican friend whom I’ve written about occasionally, asked if I’d  be willing to sponsor him as he takes the route to becoming a United States citizen.

He’s 48 and has two sons: A single son living in Mexico, and a married son with a toddler, with whom he lives. My friend is a talented millworker who designed and built, from scratch, the beautiful kitchen in my new house in Brooklyn. He’s also built perfect closets here, installed the dryer vent and kitchen appliances, laid the mosaic tiles in the front entryway, and designed and constructed a magnificent front door.

My friend is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. And, he “gets” me. If I become a little crazy because something isn’t done right, he tells me to “take my pills.” That immediately makes me laugh.

Becoming a sponsor doesn’t involve outright money, but it is associated with some financial risk.

If the person being sponsored wants to apply for any government subsidies while his application is under consideration, such as food stamps or disability, my income would be taken  into account. And although my friend might get the subsidy, the government could bill me for the amount it pays out.

My friend  has assured me that if he were ever in a situation where he couldn’t support himself, he’d go back to Mexico. I believe him, but, of course, we never know what the future will bring.  After talking this over with an immigration lawyer, as well as with my daughter-in-law, who has a heart of gold and also is a lawyer, I decided, however, not to sponsor him. And he was perfectly okay with my decision, at least outwardly.

But, I’ve changed my mind, and I am going to do it, because this is a big deal for him, and I love him. I love how hard he works. I love how much he loves his family.

My daughter in law told me I’ll “now be assured a place in heaven.” That made me chuckle.

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5 Responses to “My Daughter-In-Law Said “You’ll Go To Heaven For This””

  1. Vicki Violet says:

    You are SO precious… and you have the biggest heart in NY…xoxo (((((((hugs)))))

  2. Harmony Mercedes says:

    You sound like a really thoughtful caring soul. I think your daughter-in-law’s words were correct. It’s a shame there aren’t more people in the world like you.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Thank you, Harmony. I have my faults, but I try!

      Fondly, Geri

  3. Marcia Miller says:

    You gave these people the tools to succeed. It is up to them to use them properly. Good work.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Yes, I agree, Marcia.

      Fondly, Geri


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