Dear mom….

Bravo to the Fab Over Fifty women whose daughters appreciate just how fab they are.

“My Mom went to Paris for the first time in her life at 60… and by herself!  She said she didn’t have any more time left to wait for someone to take her,” wrote Nan from LA, when she signed up for

“My mom is fab over sixty.  She’s beautiful, loving, full of energy, curious, likes to explore new things. Even though she’s a psychoanalyst, she’s trying to become a good photographer– and is in love with her new grandson,” wrote Carolina from New Haven, CT.

Brittany and her red hot mamma

Brittany and her red-hot mamma Debi, who has been a special education teacher for 25 years

And Brittany from Lexington, KY,  said, “My mother just turned 50.  She is such an encouragement to me in everything she does. She recently completed her second master’s degree to continue moving up in her field…while being a single mother. Anyone who can accomplish as much as she can is definitely considered Fab Over Fifty!”

Joanna with mom Jean and brother Nick
Joanna with mom Jean and brother Nick

Ever since yesterday afternoon, when Joanna Goddard Williams wrote about in her wildly popular blog, A Cup of Jo, we’ve been getting inspiring messages from women around the world about their moms.  Joanna’s mom, Jean, is pretty amazing herself.  I can personally attest to that.  But here’s what our darling Jo has to say about her: “My mom is amazing. She has taught my brother, sister and me, from a very young age, to always be ‘authentic.’ (It’s easily her favorite word!) She tells us to have confidence and encourages us to be straightforward with people (friends, family, boyfriends, bosses, strangers). Even if we are telling them something that makes us feel vulnerable or dorky, she says, if we shoot from the hip, no one can fault us because we are being authentic, and that is always relatable and true. I think that striving for authenticity is a lovely (and surprisingly powerful) way to approach life.

“Aside from that, she also watches Pride & Prejudice on the treadmill (which I find hilarious), cooks a mean Beef Burgundy, is known by everyone as a great listener, and makes a wonderful shopping/travel/life partner!” will be dedicated to the moms, the aunts, the sisters, the daughters, the wives and the friends who are unequivocally the best generation of women in all of history.

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4 Responses to “Dear mom….”

  1. Susan says:

    Adorable photo of Jo, her brother, & mom. (And excellent advice!) And I second Cece re: EF.

  2. Cece says:

    Can’t wait! I am sorry to hear about Eileen Fisher’s new attitude. I am her age and have bought her clothes for years and talked them up to others. No more.

  3. Geri says:

    thank you Joanna!

  4. joanna goddard says:

    aw, this looks great, geri!


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