Do you inspire confidence?

As I listened to and watched talented David Sanchez play the tenor saxophone at the Jazz Standard this weekend, the words “inspiring confidence” popped into my head. Like most accomplished jazz musicians, David plays with supreme assuredness. He’s got musical mojo. He knows he’s talented and he loves showering us with his jazzy sounds, infused with a Latin accent.

David Sanchez

I adore people who inspire confidence, whether they’re salespeople at Apple, who have a complete grasp of the plethora of products; a doctor who makes you feel like he’ll figure out what ails you or a sister who calmly, cooly gives you sage advice when you need help with a sticky problem.

People who inspire confidence aren’t afraid to make decisions; don’t worry themselves silly about failing; know their stuff; take charge but don’t show off; don’t kvetch and complain when they’re faced with challenges; don’t make mountains out of molehills; ease the anxieties of those around them, even if they’re not especially at ease themselves.

Cocky, exaggerating blowhards don’t inspire confidence. Think Donald Trump

Friend Phoebe

Wishy washy, flaky people don’t inspire confidence. Think Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men or Phoebe on Friends

Lazy irritating people don’t inspire confidence. Think George on Seinfeld

Problem solvers do inspire confidence. Think Liam Neeson’s character in the cult movie, Taken

Liam Neeson

Macho men do inspire confidence. Think Clint Eastwood in every movie he’s ever done

Emotionally generous people do inspire confidence. Think The Reverend Billy Graham

The Reverend Billy Graham


Survivors do inspire confidence. Think Joan Rivers

You don’t have to love someone, just because they inspire confidence. Admiration will do.

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3 Responses to “Do you inspire confidence?”

  1. John Laser says:

    Great post a real eye opener and got me thinking about whether I inspire confidence and who I know that I think inspires confidence.

    Great examples of different personalities and I couldn’t agree more that Liam Neeson in Taken definitely inspired confidence!

  2. Andy LAWLEY says:

    I do inspire confidence because I’m extremely positive, have Faith in God and love my family and friends dearly.

    My former employer invited me to meet and him and Dr. Graham for over an hour a few years back and it was one of the great high points of my life. What a FABULOUS human being. His rapt attention to our conversation, with apparently no other more important plans, was mezmerizing. Fortunately, my son also met him that day and he’ll never forget it either. I would say that there have been few hours in my life that have been so blessed and impressive.


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