Don’t ask Google. Ask An FOF!

If there’s one thing of which I’m certain, it’s that we FOF women love to recommend all sorts of things to our friends, or to anyone else, for that matter.  Someone can stop us cold on the street and ask us if we know a romantic Italian restaurant and we’ll say, “which neighborhood?” then reel off the names of four.  Our best friend asks us to recommend a new moisturizer and we’ll tell her about the one that really works.

The best dermatologist in town?  Of course.

The best place to buy a dress for a formal event? No problem.

A recipe for hollandaise?  You bet.

If you can’t trust an FOF to give you a really great recommendation, whom can you trust?

That’s why FOF is introducing one of the best tools on the entire Internet:  Appropriately and simply called Ask An FOF, it’s

We’ve got 300 FOF gurus stationed around the country, ready to answer your most pressing questions on everything from fashion to food, stylists to spiritualists, even bras to books.  Besides asking a question, you can answer any of them yourself. You might even want to become one of our gurus. After all, no one of us alone is an expert on all things FOF. We’re all experts on something. And now we have a wonderful way to share our collective wisdom.

We’ve been having a ball testing the innovative Ask An FOF tool for months.  If you have as much fun using it as we did, we’re onto something big.

Please tell all your FOF friends and neighbors about it.  Even tell the women you see at the bus stop or on the supermarket line. FOFs are pretty darn good at spreading the word. We’re counting on it!







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