Drink Up! Here’s To Your Health In 2021

A new guilt-free, great-tasting nutritious drink to help us stay physically active and mentally alert 

Celery stalks and carrot sticks have never been my go to snacks. I’m more of a chocolate bar and popcorn kind of gal. Sadly, I often get carried away – then sulky when I invariably gain weight. 

My kitchen is 15 feet from the living room, where I work. And, ever since Covid began nine months ago, snacks and sulks have pretty much become the orders of the day for me. 

The timing couldn’t have been better to try a new plant-based nutrition drink – Perennial Daily Gut & Brain – that’s crafted especially for the FabOverFifty generation.  The name may not be romantic, but I love what the ingredients of this “mini meal” are doing for my body. And I love its pure, rich chocolatey taste and smooth milk-like consistency, even though it doesn’t have a drop of dairy.  

Perennial is packed with 8 grams of plant-based protein, including pea, rice and non-gmo soy protein; 5 grams of prebiotic fiber; 11 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12, B6, D3 and E, and folate, and Algae oil – a valuable source of essential Omega-3 fats.  

Thoughtfully blended into a tasty and convenient drink, these super healthy ingredients perform two essential tasks as we age: 1) Feed and stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in our digestive system so the nutrients in our food are properly absorbed and converted into energy, a key function for longevity. 2) Help us stay mentally focused with a unique and nourishing nutrient complex to support brain health.

Interestingly, our gut and brain are actually connected by a major nerve called the vagus. When our digestive system metabolizes food, chemicals are released that talk to our brain to boost our mood and reduce inflammation. The antioxidants and prebiotics in a glass of  refreshing Perennial also help support our vitally important immune health.

Food scientist expert Sara Bonham formulated Perennial to champion the health of older adults

“Nutrient absorption is one of our key pillars, and we wanted each vitamin and mineral in Perennial to enhance the absorption of another. This ensures that they stay in our bodies and increase our energy,” explained Sara Bonham, a food science expert who conceived and formulated Perennial.  

Our bodies experience many changes as we age, such as a decrease in digestive enzymes, which can lead to issues including lactose intolerance and bloating. Plant-based Perennial is lactose and cholesterol free but fills in food gaps we may develop. 

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I grab a Perennial when I crave a mid-morning snack to tide me over until lunch, or for physical and mental boosts at around  3 pm. It’s satisfying, low in carbs, and does a whole lot more for my body than chocolate or popcorn.  It also comes  in vanilla, which is great in a smoothie or icy cold over Grape Nuts, my fave cereal. Nice for my weight, too, since it’s low in sugar and only 140 calories. 

The compact 8-ounce package slips into my purse, and I keep one in the car. Shelf stable, it stays fresh for a really long time.

Formerly involved in food development for giants like General Mills and Mars, Sara felt no one was championing the health of today’s older adults who are aging better than prior generations. Sara knows that we’re still working, starting our own businesses, and striving, And, we want to stay at the top of our game as we age.

Sara says her 60-something, working mom is Perennial’s perfect target customer. “She cares about staying mentally sharp and active. Physical and brain health are both important to her,” Sara said. 

Perennial was born from Sara’s inspiration to help people like her mom to live their best lives and give them a new sense of freedom. “We’re a human health science company dedicated to targeted plant-based nutrition for today’s modern 50+ adults,” she said. 

Enter code 20FABOVER50 at checkout for 20% OFF Perennial Daily Gut & Brain Sample Pack from January 8 (12:01 am) until January 31 2021  (11:59 pm). One time only.

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