Every step you take

Every time I complete a major project, and I think about the number of steps it took to get it done, I can’t believe I had the stamina to make my way through it all. This happens time and again, but I plunge ahead—project after project—to make something happen.

I take one step at a time and don’t think how many steps I have in front of me (which is almost impossible to do, anyway). I imagine people climbing Mount Everest act the same way; they get as far as they can each day until they reach the summit. Successful dieters follow these rules, too. If you think, “Oh my god, I’ve got to lose 50 pounds,” you’ll go crazy.  But if you stick to a sensible diet day in and day out, you’ll be at a fighting weight in no time.

I may not accomplish as much as I’d like every single day, but I don’t let those “off days” paralyze me. Usually, I accomplish twice as much the next day.

I’ve published magazines, produced conferences for 200, knit a queen-size blanket, planned and cooked for a Christmas party for 70, written a couple of books and launched a website. No matter what the goal, my stamina and persistence helped me reach it.

Of course, it takes another critical element to see most projects through: A great team. When others take the steps with you, it’s much more fun when you get there.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Noreen,

    You are so welcome. Your comment makes me happy.


  2. Noreen says:

    Hi Geri,

    Thanks for continuing to share where you’ve been, how you got there and where you are today. It’s make me reflect of my own life journey, both the ups and downs, and reminds me what I also have accomplished because of the grace of both good friends and family and, of course, persistence. All my best.

    Slainte –

  3. LPC says:

    Congratulations, Geri. Half the battle is showing up —– and staying the course:).


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