Eyes Wide Open

I’ve “closed my eyes” a number of times in my life when I wasn’t asleep! I sensed (or knew) something or someone wasn’t right for me but I chose to ignore my instincts, even the facts. I wanted to believe someone was really a friend, even though she often acted more like an enemy. I wanted to believe a man was the love of my life, even though I abhorred his behavior much of the time.  I wanted to believe that it was safe, even beneficial, to take estrogen year after year, although study after study indicated otherwise.

Why do we undermine ourselves by staying in hurtful, destructive, and sometimes life-threatening situations? Perhaps it’s a lot harder to face the music and make moves than to sit still and stay silent.

I spoke to a 41-year-old, successful entrepreneur yesterday, who recently had her divorce finalized. She met her husband when she was 16, and although she remains friends with him, their marriage had been disintegrating for years. “If I didn’t get out now, I’d never leave,” she told me.

Better late than never. Yep. Better late than never.

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  1. Cecile says:

    Good morning everyone,

    Hello Geri,

    Wholeheartedly agree “better late than never!” In any circumnstance. Sometimes the comfort zone keeps us hostage. The strange fear of facing a challenge has its way with us and we stay in the same outgrown jobs, stale relationships, outdated lifestyles -call them habits- and even dated wardrobe not to mention make up and hairstyle. Fear of change, what-if’s, and “better a known evil…” traps us into a false sense of security. Security. Keyword.
    Food gives some of us a false sense of security, same goes for that cigarette pack, in case we have an anxiety attack, taking meds in lieu of losing twenty pounds that will eliminate the chemical crutch…
    I don’t have a one-fits-all answer. However, I will say this: the sense of freedom one experiences when we drop the twenty pounds, quit smoking, get rid of pills, and let go of people we cling to because we can’t go it alone far outweighs the sense of false security. Leaving a toxic marriage, friendships that sucked my positive energy, fighting for a change at work that has breathed new life into my career, and learning that living alone does have a great deal of pros, have fred me and I celebrate by accepting more challenges… I am losing the weight that has kept me “safe” from new relationships, and will help me get rid of statins, making a concerted affort to quit smoking, and reaching out to new, fresh friendships have given me a new lease on life!!!!

    Have a great day, everyone!



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