6 Good Reasons to Fake It!

Remember when only rich ladies got to own all the beautiful jewelry? Happily, it’s hard, sometimes even impossible, to tell the real from the fake pieces today, so we can bedeck ourselves to look glam at gloriously reasonable prices.

I’m going to use this beautiful pave link bracelet as an example. Sparkling and substantial, it’s well made and would look as wonderful with jeans and a white tee in the summer as it would with your favorite black dress for a winter holiday party.

This bracelet sells for a little less than $100 at some of the best stores. The real thing would cost thousands.

Now to my sales pitch: You can own this bracelet AND another fab fake, plus help support FabOverFifty.com, for a $100 donation.

The two pieces of jewelry would absolutely cost you over $100 at any store, but since FabOverFifty luckily gets them wholesale, we can gift them to you, and still make a little bit to help support the website.

We all want to be careful how we spend our money, so I didn’t want to ask you to support FabOverFifty without giving you something back to show my appreciation. Besides the pave link bracelet, we’ve selected five other marvelous pieces from which to choose. And if you don’t wish to donate $100, you can donate less and still get to own a fab fake.

When you give to other fundraisers you might get a flimsy canvas tote bag. Help FabOverFifty.com and you’ll get something beautiful to enjoy for years to come (not to mention the website, too!)

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