[Flab Over Fifty] My Journey, Inch By Inch By Inch

My belly, at its widest, currently measures 43”, which is 2.5” smaller than it was five weeks ago, when I started my battle against the belly. If I can lose 2.5” every five weeks, I should reach my goal of 36” in about four months. It’s definitely not a speedy process, but there’s no other way to achieve my mission, except to continue exercising and eating well.BEFORE


P, who I’ve known for over three decades, talked about her struggles with weight when she came to an event I hosted last week for talented jewelry designer, Bess Heitner. Around 5’ 2” tall, P lost 50 pounds a couple of years ago by taking the appetite suppressant called Phentermine.  I’ve used the drug, under a doctor’s care, and it worked  to help me lose about 20 pounds, within weeks.  Problem is, I gained back the weight almost as quickly as I took it off, when I quit using it. You’re not supposed to take the drug for more than three consecutive months.  

P had the same problem. “I stopped for longer than I had in the past, and the weight returned quickly.  I knew that I was eating more, but I couldn’t help myself, and I worried that I’d gain back all 50 pounds if I didn’t return to the Phentermine,” she told me. So she’s back on it.

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