[Flab Over Fifty] My Belly Fat Is Driving Me Crazy. Is Yours?

For those of you just joining us, this is the second installment of an ongoing “journal” I’m keeping on my program to eat right, stay in shape, and reduce my belly! It will please me if I can inspire even one other women to be a belly buster. Catch up by reading last week’s entry.


I’m three weeks into my belly-busting regimen, and more (or less) over my continual craving for carbs. I say more or less because it’s pretty hard for me to go totally carb-less. So although I haven’t had a bite of bread, a cookie crumb, or a strand of spaghetti (from David’s plate) in 21 days, I’ve had a few teaspoons of jam, straight from the jar (George Costanza would definitely accuse me of “double dipping), and a couple of clementines.

I’m eating roast chicken; fish like salmon and tuna tartare; salads with balsamic vinegar and olive oil; homemade vegetable soups like broccoli and squash (made in a Vitamix without butter, milk or cream), and coffee with heavy cream (won’t ever deny myself heavy cream in my coffee).


unnamedI don’t walk the recommended 10,000 steps every single day, but I’ve averaged close to it during the last week, according to my trusty Fitbit. “The Japanese first started using the 10,000 steps a day number, as part of a marketing campaign! (to help sell pedometers). Since that initial campaign however, medical authorities around the world have agreed that 10,000 is a healthy number for which to aim,” reports the Fitbit Blog. Benefits include lower BMI, reduced waist size, increased energy, and less risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease. “In fact, a study of the 10,000 steps a day method reported conclusive health benefits,” the blog said.

If the Fitbit on my left wrist helps give me the impetus to walk an average of five miles a day, then LA-based exercise guru Vann, over Skype, gives me the drive and discipline to work out aerobically, as well as with weights and a kettle bell, ranging from five to 15 pounds. I don’t stop moving during my 30-minute sessions, four times a week, and always work up a sweat, often pushing my heart to 85 percent of its maximum heart rate. I did a combo of forward lunges and arm curls, with 10-pound weights, last week and felt the workout in my biceps and calf muscles. But it’s worth it, knowing that I’m doing everything I can to keep my bones, muscles and heart as strong as possible. Whenever I see older people shuffling down the sidewalk, I’m reminded why it’s so crucial to incorporate weight-bearing exercise into our lives.

Here I’m doing a high knee exercise, called the Steam Engine, which is great for warming up. “If you increase the intensity it can be used in a regular training session,” Vann said. “Also, if you’re thinking about getting back into jogging, or even running, high knees exercises are good places to begin. The Steam Engine will build strength and endurance in the hips and abdominals, tone and shape your muscles, and give you a challenging cardio workout.”

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0 Responses to “[Flab Over Fifty] My Belly Fat Is Driving Me Crazy. Is Yours?”

  1. Corinne Garrett says:

    I think the fitness band is a great motivator. Now if we can all step AWAY from the chips (and the never ending tsunami of holiday treats).

  2. GeriFOF says:

    Hi Corinne, thanks for your encouragement. I have rarely done things in my life in a “half-baked” way, so hopefully, it will pay off. My exercise program is like no other i’ve ever tried. I can even do push ups, which I never did in my life (not that push ups are the end all, be all for any of us 🙂 As I say, I’m not doing it because I want Liam Neeson to ask me on a date, but because I want to be as healthy and fit as possible. Fondly, Geri

    • janetatchley says:

      I am so very proud of you! I try to watch my carbs but love chips. I aim for 10K steps a day on my Fitbit but fall short lots of days but exceed my goal on some. I’ve heard lots of good things lately about kettle bells and plan on trying them in the near future. Like you I don’t have plans with George Clooney this weekend. But feel healthier than I have in years in spite of all my aches and pains. I really need to try that Steam Engine thing since my right knee is shot. Best of luck to you and always enjoy your blog. Jan Atchley

      • GeriFOF says:

        Hi Jan,
        I greatly appreciate your comment. I am definitely a chip person, too. ANY KIND OF CHIPS. When we had dinner out a Mexican restaurant last week, it took every ounce of willpower to resist the bowls of fresh, warm chips they put on the table 10 seconds after we sat down.

        I have a 15-pound kettle bell. It’s a terrific tool, and works differently on the body than 15-pound dumbbells because of the way the weight is distributed, Vann explained. If you try one, please let me know how you like it. We’ll show a different exercise every week and will certainly include the kettle bell in some of them.
        Happy weekend to you. Fondly, Geri

  3. Corinne Garrett says:

    You are so ambitious! Keep up the good work and I am sure you will see results!


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