Five Women Worth Knowing

She was born in China, grew up in San Francisco and is one of New York’s best-known anchorwomen. You will adore her, wherever you are.

She reveals how you can give your skin back the looks it richly deserves.

She’s got an eye on your money, so you’d better know just what’s on her mind.

She was one of Jackie O’s favorite dressers. She’s never lost an ounce of style in the last 45 years. Visit her fabulous shop.

She weaves gold into exquisite creations we want to own.

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One Response to “Five Women Worth Knowing”

  1. hawaii bob says:

    aloha Great pix of the BEAUTIFUL Miss TONG. A LEGGY, SHAPE LEE, very BOSOMY lady. A SWEETHEART 2. Great taste in nylon stockings & pumps also. : ) mahalo aloha hb


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