FOFestival of Beauty

Every time I read about a new beauty potion that promises to do wonders on my crow’s feet, smile lines and fine wrinkles, I want to run out and buy it. The beauty business loves women like me (or is it “I”?)  They count on us. But I don’t have the time, money or vanity space to investigate and buy every lotion, serum, gel and cream that comes on the market.  That’s one of the reasons we’re producing a beauty event just for FOFs. You’ll be able to personally meet and learn from incredibly smart people in the beauty business, from hair, makeup, and color gurus to plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists; discover the latest and greatest products, techniques and servies, and sample to your face’s content. You’ll also walk out with a gift bag worth more than the cost of a ticket.

Check out the details and hear me tell Cynthia Rowland and Jackie Silver about the Beauty Bash for their radio show, The Ageless Sisters. Cynthia is the inventor of Facial Magic, a non-surgical face lift that really works and Jackie wrote Aging Backwards. They are dynamos and they will be at the Bash, too.

Buy your tickets now and get the event on your calendar. It’s going to be FAB! You have my FOF word.

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  1. Pam @over50feeling40 says:

    There are several of us in the blogosphere celebrating women over 50….and I think all of us together are doing a fabulous job! It is important that we support one another because we each have a unique message to bring to the table. ALL ARE CELEBRATIONS!

    • Geri says:


      Here here!



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