Future tense

I went to see a FOF woman yesterday, Alexandra Holmes, who read my palm (the right one), as well as my tarot cards and my numbers. I’ve thought about doing this for years, but was fearful that I’d learn something disturbing. I’ve long believed that some people do, indeed, have the ability to look into our souls. I decided to go on the spur of the moment while I was having a facial by Nathalie, who told me about her experience with Alexandra.


Alexandra is “over 50,” isn’t spooky, doesn’t look like a kook, use a crystal ball or mumble incoherently. She calls herself a “intuitive life/business strategist,” and although she claims to have psychic insight, she does not think of herself purely as a psychic. “I connect my psychic ability  with applicable knowledge, practicality and wisdom,” she explains. When she looks into my future, she uncovers the probabilities, but emphasizes that we each play a role in turning probability into reality. “I think it’s important that people start to see psychic ability as part of their own ability, and that they are doing a great disservice to themselves by not exploring and accepting it. If one does not believe, it probably will not happen! We need to support what we want by our thoughts,” Alexandra says.

She’s elegant and slender, well-dressed and works with her corporate, established and personally referred clients at her Manhattan office, which is decorated with fascinating native art she’s acquired from her world travels. She also works with clients over the phone and through email. She keeps the space on the warm side and infuses it with pleasant incense.

Alexandra invites me to sit on a dark brown  chair at a small round table; she sits across from me. She asks me a few questions  (What I do, my birthday, am I married, what I want to find out), writes down numbers on a small piece of paper and then instructs me to extend my right palm. Her manner is direct yet low key. She has simply coiffed blond hair and beautiful green eyes, which are enhanced by her tailored blue shirt.


Alexandra tells me what my palm and numbers reveal. “They are tools to help me focus my energy,” she says. I am captivated. She speaks articulately and authoritatively. I feel as if I’ve known her for years. She tells me things about myself that are unequivocally correct and she puts them into a meaningful context. She brings up my children, my childhood, my past male relationships, my abilities, my limitations, and my health. She tells me things that excite me. Nothing is scary or has hidden meaning. She knows I have vivid dreams that I remember.

I ask Alexandra questions about how she became interested in what she’s doing. She’s from the Midwest and had a career in business and marketing. She considers herself an idealist. Alexandra bought her first deck of tarot cards in when she saw them in a shop window in Manhattan. Her perceptiveness astounded her friends when she’d read their cards.

When she starts shuffling the tarot cards, I get slightly nervous.  The illustrations on the cards always spook me out. She then asks me to shuffle the deck five times, to divide it into piles, to pick one of the piles and then a number of cards. She repeats this process for each question I ask.

I want to know about FOF, about my kids and whether the cards reveal the same thing about my longevity that my palm and numerology showed.

When I tell my daughter what I did, she says it’s all baloney, but she wants to know every single thing I learned. I think she secretly believes it could all come true.

Call me crazy. I’m glad I went.


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3 Responses to “Future tense”

  1. Terry Perl says:

    Geri – You should read Sophy Burnham’s “The Art of Intuition.” She’s another very down-to-earth, smart woman who has developed her power to see into people, or whatever you call what they do. Sophy says we all have the power, but we have to work at it. So interesting.

  2. Duchesse says:

    Yes, it’s fun! If you are curious about how it’s done, research “cold reading”. Or don’t and just keep being amused and amazed.

  3. Kate Line Snider says:

    I don’t have any real problem with this. Everybody wants a hint about their future! Baloney? Maybe. Definitely fun.

    I had my palm read at an Indian (as in India) festival about 10 years ago. She was eerily accurate about my life, except that she missed on the number of children I had. She only saw 2, and I have a total of five, if you include my stepson! Of course, only 2 were left at home at the time! It was an interesting experience.


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