G my name is Geri

The hosts of an Atlanta radio station were taken aback when they heard Colby call me “Geri” during our interview. “Did I hear your son call you by your name?” one host asked in astonishment? “That would never fly down South,” she said, as if we were committing a crime.

Colby isn't getting this tattoo any time soon

I explained that I wouldn’t have dreamed of calling my mother and father anything other than “mom” and “dad.”  That’s what they were to me and that’s how they defined themselves, anyway. If someone had asked my mom to describe herself, she would have said “wife and mother.”

But I don’t define myself by my motherhood, career or any other single role. I’m FOF “Geri.” And I actually love when Colby calls me by my name. After all, I’m more than a mom to him, as I’ve said here before. I’m a friend, a boss (he works at my company), a mother, a therapist, a clothing advisor.

I don’t think it shows a miniscule of disrepect to call your mom by her name. As the mom in question, I think it’s pretty darn cool.

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  1. Lois Whitman says:

    I think Hsne is terrific

  2. Hane Selmani says:

    I’m with you Geri. When I was younger and heard a young boy call his mother by her name I was appalled. How dare he, I thought, and what is wrong with her? But luckily I got older and can now see that I do not need my children to call me Mom, I don’t need them to be successful to make me feel successful. I think it’s all about what we identify with. I am me and they are them. Mom is a role, and I do not identify with it as much as I used to. So yes, my children can call me Hane, as long as they say it with respect!


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