Gail’s definitely got it together

Gail is as cool as she was when I met her 27 years ago

My FOF friend, Gail, had a grandfather who became a successful businessman. Gail’s husband went into the business and it afforded them a comfortable lifestyle for years. Lovely homes in the city and country, private schools for their kids, travel, etc.

The business started going south about ten years ago and failed a few years ago. Gail and her husband lost practically everything.

A talented artist and all-around smart cookie, Gail had to get to work so she could bring in an income.  She hadn’t worked for years, except for some freelance illustrating. She decided to become an organizational consultant to help straighten out everything from our bedroom drawers and closets to our office desks and files.

Her business took off and has morphed into a far bigger concept. Now Gail works with a client’s architect and designer to make certain that every space they’re renovating or building will reflect and anticipate their client’s every need. She meticulously reviews floor plans to determine whether a bathroom, for example, has places to charge an electric toothbrush and hair dryer and whether they’re at arm’s reach. Is there enough room around a bed to remove and replace the bedding?  Where will a kayak be stored in a garage?

It is a genius concept since architects and designers often care less about functionality than they do about making spaces look beautiful and filling them with pretty objects. Gail is grateful to be doing something she loves and to be making a decent living.

FOF women are resourceful, resilient and resolute. We are genius at reinventing ourselves. I love Gail and I love what she’s doing. I am happy for her success.

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2 Responses to “Gail’s definitely got it together”

  1. lina says:

    Love this post! totally inspiring.

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    FANAFI: Find a need and fill it. The essence of all business but especially small businesses. Now some of the success depends on being someplace where there is not only a need but also a market that will pay for the value of it. I have a friend who is a whiz at dog training but could not make a living locally. When her husband got transferred to North Carolina and they lived in a community with lots of upscale people, her business took off like a rocket. Why? Because when you have a $3000 custom duvet on your bed, you don’t want your dog taking his separation anxieties out on the duvet while you are at work.


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