It’s Not Your Fault

I began buying most of my skincare products in department stores decades ago, convinced that more expensive moisturizers and serums had better ingredients, and would do more for my skin, than common drugstore brands.


But I never stuck with one brand for long, because I didn’t see the results I thought I’d get from such expensive products. Was I buying the wrong products? Was I using them as frequently as I should? Was I applying enough? Perhaps all the manufacturers’ product claims were exaggerated! What was I doing wrong?!

I was ready to throw in the towel, but decided I’d first do a little skincare research. Lo and behold, I discovered a little-known but critical fact: IT’S NOT MY FAULT! Our skin actually has a natural barrier that prevents even superior skincare ingredients from being absorbed enough to do the job they were designed to do.


Jenu-BatraDr. R. Sonia Batra, a renowned and respected dermatologist, confirmed what I learned: “Skincare companies have made great advances in the last decade or so, with a tremendous focus on powerful new ingredients. Unfortunately, when it comes to delivery of active ingredients, treatment products need a bit of a nudge,” Dr. Batra told me. “Although skincare brands have tried to solve this problem with technology incorporated right into their creams and serums, attempts to better deliver active ingredients have proven no match for the skin’s barrier,” the doctor added.


jenu-plusLucky for me, and for the world of women who undoubtedly had the same disappointing experiences with skincare products, a clever company in California was figuring out a way to give them “the nudge” Dr. Batra says they need. Enter the JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser, a sleek and small handheld wand specifically designed to help our skin better absorb those key anti-aging ingredients, and show better, faster results.

Take just 30 seconds to watch how JeNu Infuser works. I couldn’t wait to  get my hands–and face–on this cool little device the moment I learned about it. I used my JeNu Infuser on the areas that most irritated me: My crows feet, under-eye droopiness, and nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips.) And the results have been nothing less than dramatic.divider


But don’t rely only on my photos and word to convince you. Based on the results of an independent, 28-day study with 160 women, 91% said JeNu helped increase the ABSORPTION of their current skincare products; 91% noticed an IMPROVEMENT in their facial concern – especially dark under-eye circles and puffiness, deep lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead lines, and 87% were SATISFIED with the appearance of their skin.

JeNu is easy and safe to use, and it takes NO extra time in your skincare routine. First, do your skincare regimen as you always do, starting with your lightest products and ending with your heaviest. Then, you add a pearl-sized drop of  JeNu MicroSphere Gel to the metal head of the Infuser, turn it on, and run it over a section of your face, a minute at a time. The 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy transfer through these essential MicroSpheres (hollow miniscule spheres of protein) in the gel, allowing your skin to absorb your skin care products better and faster.

jenuplusVogue and Forbes hailed JeNu as a ‘“game changer”’ for your skin care and said it “will change your beauty routine FOREVER.” Dr. Oz included it among “the coolest new products and items we’re obsessed with,” and said you will be, too! Dr. R. Sonia Batra uses it herself and in her practice. And my skin has never looked better.

to try JeNu, risk free, for as little as $18, and join over one million women who have made the JeNu their magic wand!

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