Georgia On My Mind

I’M OK: Renowned sculptor Alexander Calder created this wonderful brass pin for O’Keeffe around 1938, which spells out the first two letters of her last name. O’Keeffe actually preferred to wear the pin vertically, and although it was harder to distinguish the letters that way, it read more like one of her organic abstractions, or a stylized plant form. She had a $5 silver copy made in India decades later, when she thought the original brass was unflattering to her gray hair.

GEORGIA ON MY MIND: This photograph by American photographer Dan Budnik, called Georgia O’Keeffe, Mirthful, Ghost Ranch Potting Shed, was taken at O’Keeffe’s ranch in New Mexico in 1975. Her pantsuit, in black of course, was accessorized with her Calder “OK” pin on a white blouse (in white circle.). She wore black leather shoes, and the tip of a white hanky peeped out from the breast pocket.


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