Geri’s top 10 list of UNFABS

Isn’t it a shame there’s usually someone in the crowd who’s guilty of at least one of the following:

She’s never pleased, no matter how much you do for her or how hard you work to make her happy?

She demands your attention, even if you are obviously preoccupied with 200 other things?

She steers the conversation to herself every single time?

She pooh-poohs everyone else’s ideas, but never has any of her own?

She hasn’t learned how to say thank you?

She doesn’t laugh?

She doesn’t laugh at herself?

She lacks empathy?

She can’t give sympathy?

She thinks that her fave restaurants/books/clothes/beauty secrets/ perfumes/are better than anybody else’s?

Are you ever that someone? I know I’ve been.  But now that I’m FOF, I recognize when one of these traits rears its ugly head.  And I make every effort to stop, right then and there.

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6 Responses to “Geri’s top 10 list of UNFABS”

  1. Duchesse says:

    Does the person get any feedback about how her behaviour affects you? I don’t mean blame or snark, but very descriptive feedback? Or if not from you, from her manager? I’ve left jobs where I had to report to someone like this, and it was worth it.

    In personal relationships, I let go of people who act this way habitually. Everyone can have a bad day (or year) but if this is who they are, they are not for me, and I’m not for them.

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    I had a boss like that. Would throw you under the boss at every opportunity even when she was the guilty party. Then if you did something right, she would take credit for it. And when you were trying to tell a story you could see her eyes glaze over as soon as she latched on to something to turn the conversation over to her! Needles to say I don’t work there anymore….LOL


  3. Geri says:

    I hope so, my lovely CDS!

  4. cds says:

    ouch, again
    are we twins…separated at day apart?

  5. Geri says:


    • David says:

      Hi Catherine,

      Testing from David’s PC.


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