Getting to the Bottom of the Matter


I am dizzy reading daily emails about anti-aging skin care products, vitamins and supplements that promise to bring back the moisture, suppleness, elasticity, smoothness, and firmness that my face and body once enjoyed. What’s especially dizzying is that each product seems to have an entirely different combination of collagen-and-elastin boosting, oxidant-reducing ingredients to help aging skin. Collagen and elastin are proteins that give young skin its firmness, suppleness and wrinkle-free appearance, while oxidants are external elements or group of elements that adversely affect the skin over time, including pollution, stress, smoking, drinking, and UV light (aka rays from the sun.)

How’s an FOF to decide what to try?

The most important fact to know is that skincare creams, lotions and serums work only to protect and care for the top layer of our skin, called the epidermis. No matter what manufacturers claim, these products simply cannot change what’s happening in the dermis—the layer beneath the surface–which contains the collagen, elastin and moisture-producing properties, or the skin’s building blocks. So if someone at the cosmetics counter at some fancy store tells you a product contains elastin and collagen, don’t expect it’s going to get your skin to bounce back to where it was when you were 30. Creams and lotions like these may temporarily increase your skin’s moisture or firmness.  Temporarily, I stress. That’s all.

There’s always plastic surgery, for permanent results, which I advocate wholeheartedly, as many of you know.

Short of that, however, it seems to make sense to try anti-aging supplements, which reportedly work inside your body. So when the makers of a product called Imedeen® asked me if I’d try a 90-day regimen of their Time Perfection®  (retail value: $206 for a 3-month supply) “marine complex and antioxidant supplement, and they’d compensate me, too, I thought, “why not?”  Today, I took the first 2 of 180 tablets, with a glass of water, as instructed.

Imedeen® has been manufacturing skincare products since 1991.  Time Perfection® , its newest formula, has been created to work from “the inside out” on women 40 and older, and has been shown “to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin quality and moisture balance, and protect collagen and elastin fibers against oxidative damage in as little as 90 days,” according to its literature.

Time Perfection®  contains an exclusive blend of proteins and polysaccharides (a chemical term for carbohydrates, such as starch, insulin or cellulose) that is important for the skin’s structure and moisture and resembles the elements naturally found in the skin’s supporting tissue. One of these ingredients, called LycoPhence GS, provides tomato fruit and grape seed extracts, which help protect skin against oxidative damage. The other is Vitamin C, a vital antioxidant, which is essential in the formation of collagen. These targeted nutrients go “deep down” in the dermal layer to strengthen the skin’s invisible building blocks.

I will be reporting back over the next few months to tell you whether Imedeen® seems to be working. I recently took the photo here, before starting the regimen, and I’ll take a new photo for each new post. Imedeen®  offers a skin assessment on its site, to help you determine which of its anti-aging formulas work best.

In the meantime, the makers of Imedeen® are hosting a giveaway for one lucky FOF, who will receive a 90-day supply to help improve her skin.  Comment below on why you’d love to try it.  FOF will select the winner at random.

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  3. Debra Rhodes says:

    I take vitamins for skin but would love to try this one

  4. Dawn Darner says:

    I work with the public and looks are important! Improving from the inside sounds like a great idea – I’d like to try it!

  5. Cathy Ross says:

    At 51,my skin tone is not what it once was.I’ve always wanted to try this but it is cost prohibitive for me.

  6. Arlene says:

    Like the amount of supplement provided which should begin to show some improvement in time allotted. We tend to unrealistically believe a product should be effective in just 2 weeks of using it.

  7. Arlene says:

    I definitely believe in the inside out theory. I like the amount of suplement provided, which should show beginning signs of skin improvement in the time allotted. I also think we unrealistically hope that products will work in 2 weeks’ time. I usually give a product anywhere from 4 to 6 months to work before I classify it as ineffective.

  8. Sunn ymay says:

    I tried a collagen increaser a while back and found it helped with wrinkles and laugh lines.

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    […] trying the Imedeen ® anti-aging supplement for three months. Will it get to the root of her wrinkles and lines? Read more […]

  10. Deborah says:

    I would love to have the opportunity to try this product that works from the inside/out. WE are all so overwhelmed with the topical products that are coming out daily. I am an advocate of supplements and would love to be a part of something that might actually show some visible results. Thank you so much

  11. audrey dirisio says:

    my skin so needs this, not to mention my turkey neck!!

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  13. l says:

    I am willing to try anything that promises results without side effects!

  14. Elyse says:

    I’ve tried other supplements with minimal results. I’m certainly game to try something else!

  15. Vonne says:

    I’m lucky to look always have looked younger than I am, thanks to good genes, but also taking care of my dry skin, healthy eating and getting enough sleep. Post-50 though, the aging signs are picking up (also thanks to an often high-stress job). I use other appropriate supplements for my health, and this could be a good part of the regime.

  16. SUSAN G says:

    I took the test….my IMEDEEN skincare tablet is = Prime RenewalTM
    My husband rolls his eyes at every new fad I embrace: chia, cinammon, flax seed, what have you… I like to experiment because I don’t want to ever look in the mirror and not recognize myself

  17. Victoria says:

    I took the Reservol supplements for awhile, but didn’t notice any difference. I am always open to try something new, though, so I am all for trying this one.

  18. Laura says:

    I’ve just spent the last 2 weeks studying serums and anti-aging creams and I’m dizzy from all the crazy claims. It would be great to be able to just take a pill!

  19. karen says:

    I am a big advocate of supplments so I’d love to try this

  20. jeri says:

    Sure would like to try!

  21. Chris Williamson says:

    I currently take GNC’s ‘Be Beautiful’ hair, skin and nail supplement… Would love to test ‘Time Perfection’.

  22. LEEANN VAUGHN says:


  23. Sherry says:

    I am 56 and really beginning to notice the lines. I would like to try this to see if I can slow the process down.

  24. Soledad says:

    I’d like to give it a try. My main problems are the vertical frown lines and the “parentheses” that appear from the bottom of my nose to my chin.

  25. Sharron says:

    I was born in 1950 and I’m not sure about taking another pill for something, BUT, I certainly would give it a try, if chosen.

  26. Terri Timmons says:

    At 51 everything is falling at once and a supplement is the one thing I haven’t tried, short of surgery, which kinda scares me, I haven’t even ventured into botox yet even tho those forhead “expression” wrinkles are starting to make me upset, so I wouldn’t mind giving a pill a whirl.

  27. Donna says:

    I always wonder if supplements could help slow down the aging process of the skin….would love to give it a try!

  28. Elaine Campbell says:

    I’m grateful to be healthy at 55…but, I can’t help but wonder if I can take a supplement that will help my skin retain some of it’s youth.
    I’d love to give this a try!

  29. Laine says:

    After too many years of stretching myself too far to take care of everyone around me, at 55, I look more like 65. I need help!

  30. smfsprout says:

    Too much work and stress has left me looking older than my years so I would love to try the Imedeen Time Perfection formula and see if I can look closer to the age I feel. Thanks.

  31. tfabglam5 says:

    I would love to try Imedeen’s newest product. I tried Imedeen many years ago and while it seemed to work, I was SO much younger then … that it didn’t seem to make a difference whether or not I used it faithfully. Would love to try this new formulation and provide my honest opinion and hope for miraculous results!

  32. Cynthia Schoolfield says:

    I’m tired of not looking as young on the outside as I feel on the inside.
    Already a huge proponent of taking good care of your insides – but I feel I
    need some special help in that area-follow all the “anti-aging” rules, but want to try anything
    that will slow the aging process down a little.

  33. Diane says:

    I’m one of the early baby boomers…many say I don’t look my age, but I see the wrinkles, sagging skin and discoloration. Would love to get rid of the wrinkle, saggin skin and discoloration, but even if this doesn’t work some help is better than non….Please select me and keep me from being a doubting Thomas. Do not want to have plastic surgery. Thanks for listening to me.

  34. ANDREA says:


  35. Kate Line Snider says:

    I’m not above trying beauty stuff, but when you get right down to it there are only a few things you can do to help your skin:

    1 – Have good genes.

    2- Eat right- lots of fruits and vegetables.

    3- Don’t smoke or drink alcohol! ( very important)

    4- Exercise- moderately is fine.

    5- Most important of all! STAY OUT OF THE SUN!!!!!

    Ladies, beat these last four habits into your granddaughters heads! (Lauren Phillips, are you listening?)

  36. Cassi Jensen says:

    Why not? It’s non-invasive, which I like.

  37. Michelle says:

    After sucessfully beating breast cancer I would love to start a new inside out –
    after all I have been giuven a 2nd chance in life to go on! I would love to try this
    product – would love to slow down any aging………

  38. Cmason says:

    I would love to try this product. If one can slow down aging with a supplement that would be wonderful. This would help right along eating healthy each day.

  39. Loretta England says:

    Would love to try this!!

  40. 1955nurse says:

    I’m a big believer in the nutritional aspect of skincare, what goes IN us affects how we look on the outside! I’d LOVE to try this, I’m seeing some lines developing as well as loss of firmness & a sort-of “thickening” of the skin on my face. Really keping my fingers crossed, & can’t wait to see Geri’s results!!! Thanks for the chance….

  41. Jan T. says:

    Would love to find a new way to turn back the clock!

  42. Cynthia says:

    From the inside out is a much better idea than topical. One is a quick fix and the other more permanent

  43. Barb says:

    I’m 74, in good health and am fortunate to have good skin. However, there is only so much a healthy lifestyle and antiaging products can do. If this supplement can help improve the face of a 74 year old, think what it could do for those younger!

  44. Sandii says:

    OMG…I have looked at this product a million times and always wondered if it would work. It is expensive to try on a whim…especially when you have a lip cream, an eye cream, a day moisturizer , a night moisturizer and a neck cream…all of which are supposed to be anti aging.. Please…please , please let me try it!!!

  45. Susan says:

    I’m about to turn 60 and am interested in anything that could improve my skin. My mirror recognizes my age but my brain still thinks I’m 30!!

  46. Terri Sinclair says:

    Would LOVE to give this a try…I’ve always wondered, internal vs external (sort of a nature vs nurture for the skin!)

  47. Lynn Dobriko says:

    This sounds like a healthy approach to slow down the aging process. I would love to find a product that might make a difference before too much damage is done.

  48. Monica Platz says:

    I would LOVE to give this a try — I would love to see the results first-hand and document with pictures!!!

  49. AJB says:

    This sounds very interesting and I’d like to test it!

  50. Rosiey says:

    Lately my skin has been looking very crepe-y, would love to try a product that could really make a difference.

  51. Flo Zoltanetzky says:

    Would love to see if I get any results. My next birthday is my 70th one and I’m always looking for ways to keep me young.

  52. Rose Holloway says:

    I would love to try this.

  53. Mary F. says:

    Would love to try this and see if it really works!

  54. dawna says:

    I’ve always thought that besides retin-a, the skincare breakthrough was likely to be something that worked from the inside out. I was blessed with great skin, but years of having been a smoker, and living in a polluted city have taken a toll. I’d love to find a supplement that made an appreciable difference now, so that I can maybe erase some of those smoggy, smoking years. The last time I participated in a skincare trial was with Murad several years ago, and I was the ONLY person in the anti-aging serum trial whose skin measured worse after I started…which was also the first I realized what a huge effect stress can have on your skin! I manage stress better now, and would love to try something internal instead of external!

  55. Barbara M. says:

    This would be my preferred way of dealing with all aging and health/beauty matters.
    I truly believe nutrition and natural remedies can do more than all the plastic surgery in the world. Of course, we ought to start as pure as we are able, by eating cleanly, exercising and using natural products. However, even then, we are lacking in so many vitamins and minerals. This is a way to get the things our bodies need. I would be more than happy to try this product; it sounds great!

  56. faye says:

    I’m soon to hit 70. While I’ve taken great care of myself, I still could use some help. I’ve made the decision that on my birthday this coming summer, I want to be the healthiest, most fit and happiest 70 year old possible with as great skin as I can manage. In other words, I want to rock 70!

  57. Bonnie Fisher says:

    I would live to try it. My skin is losing elasticity and I do not want to do plastic surgery yet. Pick me pick me please:)

  58. Sandy says:

    I’m a big believer in beauty from the inside out — would love to try this, see what it has in it, to be costing so much.

  59. Carol Cotton says:

    Sounds like a great option to try! Can’t wait!!

  60. Ruth says:

    Would LOVE to try it…:)

  61. kayann says:

    Just had that big birthday that crosses you over to a senior citizen. I would love to try this, its seems too easy.. But wouldn’t it be great for all of us.. thanks for the offer. K

  62. RHODA A. says:

    i’m starting to see wrinkles on my forehead and mouth area…i hope i get to try imedeen!!

  63. judy says:

    At sixty, I have wanted to try something. I miss what I looked like ten years ago. Cant afford plastic surgery, not sure about temporary injections. This would be sensible to try. Hope I get picked!!

  64. maria says:

    would love to try

  65. Marsha says:

    I love the idea that you state it works internally and not just on the surface. I have spent way too much money on creams with very little results. This would be amazing and worth the price if effective.

  66. Pauline says:

    It makes sense to me!

  67. Linda says:

    Can it be that easy? I’d sure like to try… Oooo, oooo, pick me! Please…


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