Go ahead and bat those big blues (or browns)

Should a smart and sexy woman use her physical attributes to help advance her career goals? Heck yes, I say. This doesn’t mean she should have an affair with the head of the company, wear itsy bitsy dresses or see-through blouses. It does mean flirting just enough to get the attention of the opposite—and sometimes very gullible–sex, wearing classy clothes that complement her great figure when she’s making a presentation to an important client and pretending her looks are sharper than her mind when she wants to obtain valuable information. Most businessmen think they’re smarter than women, which, in fact, is not the case. It’s pretty easy to outsmart many of them, at least emotionally.


Katie always showed off one of her greatest physical assets, her legs. So would I if I had legs like hers!




A former boss–tall, sexy and quick–was so good at using her feminine wiles, she was repeatedly promoted. She wasn’t especially brilliant at her job but she was a great deal smarter than her boss, so she played it right. She also was sharp enough to surround herself with women who were brighter than she was so she’d look good.

One female TV personality constantly bats her eyelashes at her male co-host, practically sits on his lap during the show, shows off her long legs on air and gives male guests all kinds of coy glances. The only thing I fault her for is pretending she’s not using her looks to her advantage.  Of course she is, as well she should.






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  1. Duchesse says:

    I wonder what the many women in the workplace do who don’t have a great figure, don’t want to flirt, or whose looks are nothing they can “pretend are sharper than their mind”. What is your advice for a woman who cannot “use her looks to her advantage”?

  2. sharon Segal says:

    Geri, I like Kathie since day one. ( whenever that was?). When she was on the morning show Marcia T and I always discussed what she was wearing. She has a great smile, besides other great qualities. Why not use them! Best of luck to Kathie as she starts her new talk show. I will watch .Will you? .

    • geri says:

      Hi Sharon,

      It’s always so nice for me to see that you’ve commented. I will watch Katie’s new show. I’ve grown to like her more and more since she left the Today Show.

      Are you home yet?

      Love, Geri


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