Head and shoulders below the rest

It’s taken me 15 months to accomplish, but I’ve learned how to stand on my head. It’s one of the most challenging yoga poses, my instructor explained, and the most beneficial to our minds and bodies. Interestingly, it feels sensational when all your weight in on your head and you’re defying gravity. Your brain empties out, your chest opens up and your head and shoulders become powerhouses of support.

Maybe I like the position because the world is upside down too and it helps me to keep my focus on what’s important.

I don't look quite like this

Learning what really counts and what really doesn’t count is the consistent refrain of Fab Over Fifty women across the country: “My friends who are over fifty have been through many stages in their lives and have learned from their experiences. We know what is worth fighting for and have figured out when to let it go.  That includes friends who are sapping your energy instead of adding to the quality of your life. I feel that the over-fifty crowd is freer in a sense, not accumulating any more stuff but striving to live a simpler lifestyle,” wrote Barbara D. from New Jersey when she signed up for faboverfifty.com

…”You are past the child rearing age, you are free to contribute your wisdom, knowledge, and energy to what matters, because by 50 you know what does (or at least what doesn’t) matter to you, “ said Kathy G. from California.

“We have learned from life what is important, what isn’t. We don’t need sports cars, boats or other toys to prove our worth. We can just enjoy the sun or a rainy day for what it is, not what it isn’t,” wrote Louise B. from North Carolina.

Just like these great women, I like to think I have my head in the right place…..even when I’m not standing on it.

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