Hello, new friend

When I meet new people, I enjoy learning about them. I am a major league question asker, in part because I have been a journalist for four decades, and in part because I dislike small talk. Everyone has a story and usually likes to tell it.

It’s always stimulating to discuss and debate about politics, business and world events, but people’s personal stories have great dimension, texture and soul.  No matter how many of us there are in the world, we share more than meets the eye. Our differences also expand each of our horizons.

I can meet people anywhere, including at the supermarket. That’s where I met Katherine last week. She was in the checkout  line in front of us and joked about my Blackberry addiction after she heard my husband firmly ask me to put the darn thing away. Turns out Katherine is a substance abuse counselor, which was pretty funny in light of my Blackberry usage.

We spoke last night and I learned that Katherine is in a theatre group, has two grown sons and loves restaurants with atmosphere. We made a date to have brunch a week from Sunday.

I’m sure I’ll ask Katherine lots more questions.

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2 Responses to “Hello, new friend”

  1. Toby Wollin says:

    But one of the things is that we need to reacquaint ourselves with the inordinately young skill of making friends.

  2. Preppy 101 says:

    So awesome to make a new friend! One of my favorite things!! xoxo


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