Here’s a bellyful

This should only be me!!!!

My FOF acquaintance, G, can’t wait to have a procedure done on her stomach that will make it flatter. She’s in her late sixties and her stomach looks pretty good to me, but she’s obsessed about it. She’s had her eyes and other facial features done, so it’s now on to the tummy.

I hate my stomach when I’m undressed. And I’m convinced that if I stopped eating entirely or did sit ups an hour a day, my stomach wouldn’t budge an inch.

Here’s my dilemma. I am not obsessed like G but I do worry that the excess fat is not good for my health. So I’ve entertained having liposuction but I worry about that, too, since it involves general anesthesia, which can cause embolisms.

What’s an FOF to do? Weigh in on your stomach and let me know your thoughts.

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54 Responses to “Here’s a bellyful”

  1. Sharron Clemons says:

    Hi Geri, You look great ! Under the knife no way . Sharon

  2. carmen says:

    Exercise and change bad eating habits, no suegery

  3. Leigh Chandler says:

    This is a tough one. My beloved late father was a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, so I grew up with so much knowledge on the subject. While I was young he mostly took care of burn victims and accident victims and lot’s of “nose jobs”. As time went on there were all of the other cosmetic procedures including thousands of breast implants (all of them silicone) and in 40 years of practice neither he nor his partner were ever sued or had any problems with any patients. Now that I am an FOF and in need of his artistic touch (or at least his partner’s as he couldn’t operate on one of his own anyway) they are gone and of all of the residents that they trained – I wouldn’t know who to go to as they all seem to specialize in one thing or the other. I do hate my stomach and would love to get rid of the extra skin, but after already having a hysterectomy – I would not go for a full tummy tuck as it was too painful and a long recovery. Lipo maybe, but again when you hear about women actually dying -Kanye West’s mother died after a procedure. I just don’t trust the medical field like I did when there was so much care and honor in it , like my father’s era. If I did anything I would go to Geri’s doctor and have a facelift – you look so natural and wonderful!

  4. Duchesse says:

    WIth all respect, you say “I hate my stomach when I’m undressed” so the health issue is a bit of a red herring here. If you are within a healthy range for your age, relax.

    I’ve seen some lipo’s stomachs that look like a pillowcase with the pillow taken out. Then the woman thinks she must get a tummy tuck. Cute name for what is major surgery.

    It’s what’s between our ears that needs attention, not what’s on our stomachs.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Duchesse,

      I probably could stand to lose 10 pounds, so the health issue isn’t a crisis. You are undeniably right!


  5. sharon segal says:

    Hi Geri, You look great ! Under the knife no way . Sharon

    • Geri says:

      Hi Sharon,

      You are too kind. Love you.


  6. Kirin says:

    Ne faites pas ça Geri!!!! I lost a very dear friend when she was only 65. She felt and always said

    that ‘this belly does not belong with me’. She suffered a pulmonary embolism during the

    surgery and died on the table, her surgeon was not able to save her.

    She was a wonderful FOF woman with a thriving law practice, a husband who loved her,

    children who considered her their hero and adored her, colleagues who loved and respected

    her, a small circle of very close friends who have hung together since our school days, none of

    whom ever encouraged her on this path, but she would not be dissuaded…..

    BTW she was a size 8 and did have a bit of tummy, but enough to die for?

  7. Toby Wollin says:

    You know, ever since I read about Olivia Goldsmith (“First Wives Club”) and her dying from complications of cosmetic surgery at the age of 54, I just don’t think about that stuff any more. Surgery is surgery and I have certainly had more than my share (from the top of my head to my hips, I’ve had five procedures). And I always feel that you’ve only got so many times under the knife and I don’t want to waste any of them on cosmetic stuff. Not to say that I don’t look in the mirror and push my face up with my hands and wish that everything was a half inch higher, and I certainly am carrying around a good 20-30 pounds as a ‘front porch that is not doing my health any good. But under the knife? No way.


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