Best Shapewear for Women

Ever since I scrunched into a Spanx contraption, years ago, I swore off shapewear. Five seconds after putting it on, the thing rolled up my thighs and down my torso, making it supremely uncomfortable to wear and creating lumps and bumps that didn’t exist before. The fabric was unbreathable and felt slippery. The whole thing was a yicky experience.

When I recently heard about a new line, called Hooked-Up Shapewear, I decided to give the mid-thigh style a try  (it’s also available as a slip and a brief.) Now I’m hooked, literally and figuratively, since the piece hooks directly to my bra to create a smooth, flattering look, and can’t roll down. My muffin top won’t pop out, simply because there’s no space between my bra and the garment.  The legs of the garment also stay put, and move when I do, so I don’t have to worry about bulging inner thighs.

Each garment comes with three different size hooks, letting you wear it with any bra, even strapless bras. Made of a firm, compression material, my Hooked-Up Shapewear is lightweight. I haven’t worn it on a hot day yet, but the company says it will “breathe” all day long, no matter what the season. It comes in black or nude, in sizes small to 3x, so it will flatter any body.

I can wait to put on the slightly clingy summer dress I haven’t worn in years.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.34.24 AM

WATCH THIS short video on Hooked-Up Shapewear, from one of the editors of People Magazine.  And make it your order of the day! I’m guessing you’ll be hooked in no time, too.


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  1. Toms0321 says:

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  2. Becky Beer says:

    I bought and finely used the shapewear today for a memorial service for a family member.
    #1) easy to hook up. # 2) I bought the large in the nude with legs. #3) I weigh, 175 @ 5’5″, heaviest in the middle. They weren’t the easiest to get up , nor the hardest. There was no rolling up at the legs, or any discomfort at all. (unlike spanks) #4) I did wear a dress, and I looked pretty damn good!… Not like a super model or even Hot, but working with all that mysty Blue mentioned, It did get lifted up, but it didn’t spill out or over. #5) My legs are also heavy, usually apple’s aren’t. So maybe try without the legs, because my biggest complaint about the shapewear was the swishing I had (noise) going on between my thighs when I walked.
    I Do recommend the shapewear! I just ask that a different fabric be used in the inner thigh area to get rid of the friction noise between the thighs, and perhaps a 1/2 inch shorter, #6) Because I did have to pay attention, so that my shapewear secret wasn’t revealed!

  3. mysty Blue says:

    I’d like to this shape wear put on a 200 pound pear shaped woman with a belly apron. No hips, rounded from under the breasts to her crotch. Don’t forget the pannus fold. Don’t forget her drooping back fat either. Now, make that body look like the body in your after shot…yea, that’s what i thought. You now have a well rounded apple with a skin that rolls up or down, whos fat is burgeoning out at the edges working hard to roll that shaper into a “pipe” under that apron and her buttocks. She has to use boning shears wielded by someone else to cut that pipe to get it off and hopes the “recoil” doesn’t render an innocent bystander unconcious. Shapers are for women that have hips and no fat to hide.

  4. Carolyndh says:

    What keeps the mid-thigh garment and the slip from creeping/rolling up from the bottom? THAT is what I have the most problem with. For instance, when wearing a control slip from another brand under a dress to a wedding just the other night, as soon as I sat down at the ceremony I could feel it riding up. I’m sure it did the opposite of what it was supposed to – besides the fact it made me feel quite conscious of it and keep wanting to tug it back down into place. NOT a good experience. Can this brand solve my problem also? That would be wonderful!

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Carolyndh,

      Sorry I wasn’t able to answer you sooner. To answer your first question, the reason for the the slip rolling up on your other shapewear could possibly be because of (1) the material with which the garment was constructed and/or (2) the size you bought.

      Hooked Up Shapewear gets the garment to stay in place because of the way its built to hook to your bra. As for the garment rolling up from the bottom, the company hasn’t had any complaints about it. If this is your concern, they would suggest that you get a size bigger than your actual size to avoid that problem.

      Best, Geri Brin


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