How does your profile look?

Guess which of these nine FOF women:

Speaks Italian and French, loves spy novels and champagne

Works as an engineer and adores Godiva chocolate martinis

Lives in North Carolina and is a published poet

Wears Valentino, has been married for 42 years and used Olay as long

Is a best-selling author of eight novels and a big fan of Madonna

Supports animal rights and cares deeply about the environment

Gives the best hugs ever and buys Gwen Stefani’s Lamb Label

Wants to build a shelter for a family who lost everything in Chile

Has 10,000 Twitter followers, lives in Western Australia and trains psychologists

Click on the photos to find out who’s who.

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0 Responses to “How does your profile look?”

  1. Geri says:

    Hi Mary Ann,

    Your profession is listed. What do you mean?

    Geri Brin

  2. Mary Ann Quinson says:

    Can I add to my profile? I left out my profession-otherwise it is great.


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