I had a love

Is it better to a.) Marry someone who is definitely not the love of your life or b.) Have a great love, but never marry him?

FOF Elaina Spilove would answer b. “I feel fortunate to have had a couple of great loves in my life. The fact that they didn’t culminate in marriage doesn’t make me sad,” says the beautiful, successful—and single—59-year-old financial consultant. “Like everybody else, I always thought that I was going to get married and have a family,” Elaina says, but she chose not to focus on it.  “I figured it would happen or it wouldn’t.  I came close three times. Once the wedding was five days away. It was a big wedding too.” Elaina called it off.

Elaina’s life is rich and full, from her career to her passion for her niece, not to mention dancing The Argentine Tango and Brazilian Samba…in competitions, no less.

FOF Elaina Spilove doing the samba
FOF Elaina Spilove doing the samba

“It wasn’t in my destiny to marry,” she says.

It doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether we left a great love, or he left us.  It can be a painful experience. The pain usually goes away. But what about  women who never found great loves and married men who weren’t quite like they dreamed?

Do they stop dreaming or do their dreams just take different forms?

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  1. Deana Spilove says:

    I never married………but my reasons are very different………please contact me……thanks

    • Renee says:

      He’s dead now… He’s the only one that did not leave me in life. Are u happy now.. I’m dying inside.

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    Very intriguing question. I married a man I was in love with, but he was not THE great love of my life. I don’t think there’s anything to regret about love; I have 3 kids and we’re still friends, tho not married any more. Will there be another Great Love? Who knows. I’d like to find some real love that sustains and I won’t settle for less. Whether it’s Great or not, only time will tell.


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