It’s hard to pity him

My heart goes out to the 85-year-old woman who was robbed and sexually assaulted a couple of days ago on 83rd Street and Madison Avenue, one of the wealthiest corners of Manhattan. She was out walking at 5:30 am, when a young man  forced her into an out-of-sight entryway to one of the private houses on the block and made her perform oral sex. The depraved animal is now on the run. Luckily, a camera captured his image.

The majority of women in our mothers’ generation, like generations of women before them, is physically and mentally vulnerable to attacks such as this. I don’t believe the FOF generation will be as vulnerable because we’re stronger all around. I won’t necessarily be able to overtake a 25-year-old brute with sheer force, but I sure would figure out a way to kick him in the —- before I went near his penis. I’d risk my life for it.


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  1. Kate Line Snider says:

    I wasn’t aware there was a side in this blog.

    To clarify: I didn’t think it was horrible that she was walking at 5:30 AM, although I still wonder why. I think the whole thing is horrible.

    I’m retired now, but I once worked in social work. The things that happen to people, especially children and the elderly, continue to astound me. It was horrifying for me to learn that there are people in whose lives crime -even rape- is commonplace and abuse is a daily occurrence. They don’t like it but don’t question it. How horrifying is it that an incident such as this might not even be reported in some neighborhoods? The shocking part is that it took place in a nice area.

    (By the way, I am NOT a political liberal and I don’t think entitlement programs will cure the ills that probably spurred this crime.)

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Kate,

    I always adore your comments and observations, even when you don’t side with me!


  3. Kate Line Snider says:

    This is horrible. We had a similar incident in our area recently. Was she walking her dog at 5:30 AM? Why did she have to be on the street at that time? Did she feel her age protected her from such violence? Or that the neighborhood was so respectable she was therefore immune to it? So many questions!

    We re learning through my husband’s aged parents that older people often do not realize the extra danger they may be in due to their infirmities.

    I agree with you, Geri, I’d kick him right in the patoozies. especially if I thought he was going to kill me anyway.

  4. Pam @over50feeling40 says:

    How awful…my heart goes out to her…so emotionally destructive…may they catch him and never let him go.


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