If I could do anything in the world I wanted, I’d ________

If you could do anything in the world you wanted, what would it be?

Would you:
quit working and travel non stop?
volunteer for a charity?
become an itinerant shopper?
learn about something that always interested you?
join the Peace Corps?
spend all day with your children or grandchildren?
0pen a restaurant or a bed & breakfast in New England?
move to Paris?



I’ve asked myself this question a number of times over the years and my answer is always similar: I’d want to do exactly what I’m doing — work–but I’d like to do it without the need to make money.

I’ve always loved my work and realize  I just wouldn’t feel content or fulfilled  without it. I enjoy creating and seeing the fruits of my creativity. I’ve gotten great pleasure watching FOF evolve and grow during the last two years and hearing from so many FOFs who love it. But it would be nice if I had oodles of money to spend on the site and didn’t have to worry about budgets and expenses.

I’d also love to travel more, and if I didn’t have to worry about making money, I’d go away for two weeks out of every 12. To Paris, of course. And to Cape Town, South Africa, which I’ve heard is even more beautiful than Paris, has great restaurants and supports entrepreneurial craftspeople.

I’d also volunteer for the Children’s Wish Foundation. There’s nothing sadder to me than seeing children who will lose the opportunity to hope and dream and make their dreams come true.

Hopes and Dreams. I think they’re the essence of life;  where would we be without them?

P.S. What would YOU do if you could do anything in the world?  I’d love to hear from you–Geri


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13 Responses to “If I could do anything in the world I wanted, I’d ________”

  1. carol berman says:

    I would no longer need to take care of my 26 year old daughter, who has epilepsy and needs supervision, because she would be cured. I would travel with my husband, and some trips alone to San Francisco, Montreal, Sweden, and never have to worry about my daughter having a seizure. I would enjoy each day to the fullest, reading, swimming, dancing, and talking with friends. I would have delicious cups of coffee in cafes all over the world.

  2. Joni@WalkingColors says:

    I would love to get in some kind of travel vehicle (not a huge motorhome) and travel all over the U.S with my husband. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest just about my entire 52 years and I’m dying to see the East Coast with everything else in between. Grand Canyon, Route 66, New York, etc…I’d love the experience to sight see up close and not have to get on an airplane.

  3. Dlori27 says:

    I would eradicate all the corruption in the US Government, initiate public trials for those responsible for bringing our country into debt, for those who engaged our government into unjustified wars with other countries, especially those US leaders who heavily financially benefited from the death & crippling of so many innocent young men & women in the US military, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent civilians in these worn torn countries, to remove and criminally charge all the politicians and government workers who have been bought off by the health care companies, allowing them to raise their rates so high that most Americans can no longer afford healthcare, to all the prosecutors and Government officials who used their power to punish whistleblowers, those who observed and reported this corruption, who destroyed their lives for doing the right thing, costing taxpayer’s millions of dollars. I would also create laws punishing companies for outsourcing jobs to other countries, taxing them at such a high level that it would not be cost efficient to continue to outsource. I would take back America, enforce the Constitution, which has been obsolete for years and get America back on track.

    Most importantly, I would ensure those responsible for the current state of affairs in the US are criminally charged, their trials held publicly before the American public and the world, that these same officials be charged with War Crimes and that the guilty never see the light of day again. Further, all the money these criminals stole from the US Treasury as well as “privately” owned companies contracted by the US for overseas work in Iraq, etc, who are actually agents of the state, “Halliburton, Maybe?”, would be returned to the US Government, with those in cohoots with Public Officials also tried for Treason.

    Do I sound angry? Hell yeah and so should every American because we have all been affected and will continue to be affected for many years to come unless the American people finally stop trusting these criminals, believing their disgraceful rhetoric, become proactive, and finally decide to unite and TAKE BACK AMERICA!

  4. Catherine says:

    I would buy that 3500sq. ft. house, decorate it with warm colors and cozy furniture. I would fill that old house with seniors and make them feel like wanted grandparents at least and royalty at best. It’s not over yet!

  5. Catherine says:

    I would buy that old 3500 square ft. house decorate it with warm colors and furnishings, fill it with seniors and then make them feel like royalty ,or at least like very well cared for grandparents. Frankly….It’s not over yet!

  6. Helen says:

    I would spend more time with my family and friends and rock babies in a pediatric ward.

  7. Cheryl Lee says:

    I have traveled around the world, I scuba dive, I have sky dived, I’ve flown a plane, I ride a Harley! So I would have to say, build my “DREAM HOME”. We bought a small ranch in Central Texas about 8 years ago. We moved here in 2007. Because of the real estate market we haven’t been able to sell our old home in California. So I still do not have my “DREAM HOME” here in Texas. We are living in a small 830 square ft. apartment while we wait. So that is definitely a “TO DO!” on my Bucket List.

  8. Shelia Bledsoe says:

    I would open a family friendly place where performers could show their talents & have people drop in looking for new talent. I love music & I think the world would be very sad without it. But schools place more importance on sports, so a very few young people every get to shine.

  9. Josephine says:

    I would buy a family home in the country parts of Jamaica so that my elderly mother could live happily there for the rest of her life.

  10. Blue Bear says:

    I would live the rest of my years in Tuscany or Provence! I love these countrysides and the people. Life is far simpler there.

  11. Tamara Blackwell says:

    I would love to take a couple of years off from work and travel the world visiting palaces, castles, fortresses, churches, museums, and other historically significant places. What’s on my list that I especially what to see: the Incan city of Machu Picchu; Calat Alhambra in Spain; the ancient city of Petra in Jordan; the Great Wall of China; the Taj Mahal; the State Hermitage Museum and Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg and other sites in Russia; St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, and the Colosseum in Rome; Victoria Falls in Zambia; Rio de Janeiro; the Parthenon and Acropolis in Greece; and many, many others.

    • Blue Bear says:

      With the exception of Machu Picchu, I’ve seen all you wish to see and much more because I lived in London and Singapore – each for eight years. The world is filled with exceptional sights! I’ve been to more churches than I care to count and I am an agnostic but I was in awe when I was in so many of them. Try choosing just one city and enjoying it in all its glory. Save for it. You will be glad you did!

      I’d like to inject one piece of advice, though. The USA is filled with wonders too! There is so much to see and be in awe of here. People come from all over the world to see our country and I don’t believe we fully appreciate what we have here. Our world-class museums will match any in the world. My husband and I are retired now and we are traveling this land and enjoying every minute. We have enjoyed the exceptional hospitality in the Mennonite communities in TN and the TN wine country is something to partake of. KY has the most beautiful horses in the land. Our National Parks are a wonder in themselves and they offer guides who will happily show you bison herds in the mornings and so much more. There are guided tours on all of our big lakes (we just took a tour on a large lake in TN) and you will see gorges and waters that take your breath away. Nearly every town has a home or homes with history attached to them. Get out of the car and see them! We get off the beaten path and drive through little towns where neat little houses are displaying the American flag. You swell with pride when you see this. We are on a fixed income and we just hop into our Jeep Cherokee and go where our hearts take us. You don’t need a lot of money. This is the greatest country in the world! See it first!

  12. belindabg says:

    I would quit working ‘for a living’ and begin working ‘for a life’. In other words, I’d do something that fulfilled me spiritually, emotionally and mentally – instead of hassling with a brutal, mind-and-body-numbing 140 mile round-trip commute every day to a ‘job’ with no guarantee of any income (straight commission) in an Industry that’s struggling mightily just to be profitable in this unfortunate awful economy (Resort Ownership Sales). As a disabled 51 year old woman with nearly 30 years’ experience in only one type of work, it’s damned near impossible to make changes now – so I pray daily to receive a financial windfall from the Universe, because without it, the way ahead looks painfully bleak…I need spinal and knee surgeries now and can’t even afford those, because the time off and the co-pays for what’s not covered by the joke of an ‘insurance’ plan are prohibitive.
    You are right about Cape Town, it’s marvelous. All of Southern Africa is God’s natural wonder, just beautiful and indescribable.
    I would get the help I need to feel better and then I would travel…


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