If Miss Leo could see us today

My husband has told me he’s leaving me if I ever have a facelift. “I believe that aging is a natural state of affairs and we should let it be,” he said. I know David is exaggerating a bit (he wouldn’t actually leave me), but he sure wouldn’t be happy if I had cosmetic surgery.

I’m not considering a facelift any time soon, but I’ve had injections to minimize my wrinkles and folds and have been moderately pleased with the results.  Although they didn’t make me look like I did when I was twenty, or even fifty one, it was worth a try.

Personal feelings aside, I finally understand why over 100,000 women do get facelifts every year.

Let me share my brilliant insight.

Miss Leo might have posed for Norman Rockwell

When I was in third grade, I thought my teacher, Miss Leo, was an old lady.  She had graying hair in tight curls, wore frameless Ben Franklin glasses, orthopedic shoes, mid-calf length skirts and blouses with high necks. Miss Leo was about 50, but in 1954, that wasn’t FAB. It was old.

Fifty is not old anymore.  Nor is sixty, seventy or eighty, as far as I’m concerned.  FOF women don’t feel old and we don’t think old. We have as much (sometimes even more) energy than people half our age. Our bodies look pretty darn good.  Even if we have a few more pounds around the middle than we’d like, we don’t obsess about it (at least not all the time.)  We are constantly probing and learning.  We love working.  Miss Leo would never understand how we dress.

“I’m 63 and the hippest person I know,” said Barbara from Redding, CA.

“A teen recently said I’m the ‘coolest old person’ he knows—a high form of flattery!” said Nancy from Elizaville, NY.

Now, here’s my revelation: If we don’t feel old or think old, many of us would just as soon not look old, either.  I agree with the adage “You’re only as old as you feel,” but it’s not entirely possible to look as young as we feel.

We take vitamins and exercise for our body and go to lectures and read books for our mind. If a FOF woman wants to get a facelift for some excess skin or deep wrinkles, I say: “Go for it.”

Just don’t ask my husband for permission.

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  1. Greet says:

    I am so delighted to have discovered your blog through Leigh! Although I have another 5 years to go to the age of 50, I adore the mature women of that age!
    Look at Leigh, she looks gorgeous ! Isn’t it!!!! I can not believe she is already 50 years young!! Or isn’t she????? I really don’t know!!!


    • Leigh Chandler says:

      Greet, Thank you so much for you comment! Yes, I will be 53 in April, but I feel so much younger in spirit! Of course, you and your fellow Europeans have always celebrated women of all ages, but especially mature women, I believe! Maybe that is why I married a Belgian;-)

      xx Leigh

  2. LPC says:

    I’m considering lasers. Even Botox. But I have issues with knives…

    • Geri says:

      I agree about the knives.


  3. Heather Chapple says:

    Ha, I won’t ask mine either!
    Fab women can do what suits them…first!

  4. Geri says:

    Completely agree Maureen.


  5. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    Yes, I agree. But some people seem never to be satisfied and go overboard, not stopping till they look like freaks. It’s a little scary, even younger women seem to be doing this. I wouldn’t rule out doing cosmetic surgery of some type one day, but I’d like to think I’ll still basically look like myself.


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