“I’ll show you!”

Remember when you were young and immature and stormed out of a room in the middle of a heated argument with a friend? Or had a friend storm out on you. You thought you were making a big point by walking out.  Darn it, you were right, and you weren’t going to listen to another opposing word from this person. You’d show ’em!

Some adults still behave as if they were 12 and run away from situations they don’t know how to control. Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar marched off the set of The View when guest Bill O’Reilly said “Muslins killed us on 911.” Paris Hilton walked off the set of the CBS Early Show when a reporter asked if she thought her days as a celeb obsession were over.

Stomping out of a conflict/disagreement/uncomfortable situation doesn’t give you the upper hand.  It doesn’t insult your opposition. It’s just plain childish. Kind of like a tantrum. But you’re not a baby anymore.


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  1. Joanne Johnson says:

    Once again, thank you telling it like it is, Geri. I so enjoy your posts!

  2. Vera J says:

    Funny you should post this at this time. I am having this problem with a close family member. Doesn’t ever want to see me or hear from me again. I know I am not perfect, but give me a break. Forever! That’s a long time. I just lost a brother and a really close aunt a few months ago and let me tell you I would give anything to say just a couple of things to them. So, to say they never want to hear from me again!

    Mistakes, I’ve made a few. Too bad we can’t rewind…


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