Into the arms of a FOF woman

I received an e-mail from my son, Colby, this morning that said: “When we used to argue about these two, did you ever think you’d see a pic like this?”  And here is the photo.

Open-arms policy

“Arguing” is a sugarcoated word for our interaction during the election.  I was a Hillary supporter; Colby was one of the legions of young adults who thought Obama was our nation’s savior.

I have no idea whether Hillary was distraught when she lost the nomination. But when I look at her face in this photo, I see a happy FOF woman congratulating her boss.  Her smile and her direct gaze at Obama seem to indicate pure joy at his health care victory. Her reaction is especially relevant because her own attempts at overhauling the system were mercilessly attacked 16 years ago.

Among the distinguishing characteristics of FOF women are our abilities to rise above adversity, to reinvent ourselves and to appreciate the success of others.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re on Hillary’s side politically, whether we think she should have divorced Bill, or whether we like her taste in fashion. What matters to me is that she is a FOF woman who does other women proud because of her accomplishments, her spirit and her passion.

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  1. Leigh Chandler says:

    Beautiful! This is when an old saying really describes it well – A picture is worth a thousand words! Our country is blessed to have both of these fine human beings as leaders.

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    I have never met Secretary Clinton; my husband met her several times when she was one of our US senators and his one comment about her (other than, “She’s rather small, you know”) is that when you meet her and speak with her or watch her speaking with others or waiting her turn to speak you get one message loud and clear: this is someone who is acutely listening to what is being said, and is digesting it and using it. People forget that she had a life pre-Bill; she had a role on the judiciary committee during the Watergate hearings. This is someone who has what could coyly be referred to as ‘a long view’. The fact that she married someone who has a seemingly unending capacity for both great works and being a horse’s ass is an entirely different issue. I think she has the ability to do a fantastic job with whatever she does; she has, from all reports, done great things with the State Department. She did a great job for the State of New York while she was senator – and worked very hard (unlike Chuck Schumer, who knows his own backyard quite well, but really has never put in the work personally to get a feel for Upstate) to get to know how Upstate works. She is a very quick study and what I call a ‘horizontal’ thinker – she puts all sorts of disparate stuff together so that she can see both forest AND trees. I admire her tremendously.

  3. Ed says:

    Isn’t photoshop wonderful. the original must have been with Monica instead of Barack.

  4. Geri says:

    Hi Marji,

    Thank you. I love “reading into” photos.


  5. L'age moyen says:

    Yes, finally let’s give Hilary her due. I’m so sick of comments about her clothes and minor mishaps – this woman has done a remarkable thing in overcoming a great disappointment and going on to represent her country and all women with remarkable grace and intelligence. I love the photo. It speaks well of them both. Try to picture any other two politicians and former adversaries being that joyful together!

  6. Lois Whitman says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Just what I needed to restart my career today. Everyday is a new chance. I would love to know where Colby found that picture. I need to frame it.



  7. Marjip says:

    What a unique view you have on this picture. You’re right on target. I agree that Hillary serves all women proud! She’s a remarkable FOF example, whether we agree or not with her political or personal choices. It’s a wonderful photo & I’m happy to have a new perspective regarding her. Thanks!

    • Geri says:

      Hi Lo,

      the photo was on The Huffington Post, I believe.



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