It finally deserves to be called Chic-o’s!

The first time I went into Chico’s, about a decade ago, I took one look at the clothes and knew they weren’t for me.  I remember appliqués, uninspired patterns, oversized tops, gaudy colors, cheesy fabrics. My mom, who was with me, loved everything. I bought her a top. I glanced at the Chico’s windows every time I passed the store, but never saw one single item I liked.

My, how Chico’s has changed. FOF sister, Shelley, and I stopped into one a couple of months go, when we were in New Orleans, and I could tell immediately I wasn’t going to walk out empty handed. The clothes were cool. Distinctive silhouettes (that’s a highfalutin industry term for shapes); sophisticated colors; fluid fabrics. I bought a  capped-sleeve microfiber “coat”  with a shawl collar, in taupe. It was priced at $160, but I paid $80. Shelley said Chico’s often has great promotions.

When I heard last week that Chico’s is using FOF Diane Keaton as its holiday spokesperson, I thought “what a smart move.” Diane has a style all her own, not unlike most FOFs, which is exactly how Chico’s wants us to look at its collection (another fancy term for line of clothes.)

Diane has been the FOF face of L’Oreal since 2006. Now, Chico’s is publicly joining the smart group of major brands that understands the value of getting into our corner. Three cheers for Chico’s.

Shelley in her new Chico's jacket
Diane in her new Chico's


And Geri in hers






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  1. Showell says:

    I love Diane’s Chico’s outfit, so chic and classy. I also have the same one I just recently bought for my birthday.

  2. Andy Lawley says:

    I’ve been a dedicated “member” of Chico’s for several years and my closets prove it.
    Great helpful, non-intrusive staff, wonderful styles, great fabrics, imaginative designs with a super fit. Travel over to Asheville, NC on a regular basis. Don’t miss their sales 🙂

  3. Toby Wollin says:

    Even though a lot of Chico’s stuff doesn’t work for me (no petite range, unfortunately, for those of us who are short of limb and arm), I ADORE their accessories.


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