I’ve gone to the dogs

he may be a brat, but he sure is cute!

I’ve become a dog lover in my FOF years. I was nipped in my upper thigh by a neighbor’s dog when I was a kid, an incident that instilled the fear of God in me whenever I came within 50 feet of a dog, even if it weighed in at three pounds. I had to go to the ER to have the bite cauterized.

My dog fear dissipated over the years, but I still wasn’t a big dog fan. Actually, I thought any woman who adored a dog really needed a good man.

Turns out, I barking up the wrong tree. After hearing David talk about how much he loved the dogs he’s owned, I wanted one. My biological dog clock must have kicked in.

We took Rigby home a little over four years ago, and although everyone I know thinks he is a spoiled brat, needy and a pest, I love him. I can’t even tell you why I love him, especially because I agree he’s a brat. Maybe it’s because he would be lost without me. Where would he get his food, his shelter, and his companionship? And who would wag their tail furiously when I came home?

Rigby and I went into a pet store on tonight’s walk, where I always like to look at the puppies for sale.  I wanted to take them all home, especially the ones who looked forlornly up at me.

I could tell Rigby knew he was a lucky dog.

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  1. Toby Wollin says:

    For the moment, we are ‘fur-person-less’. We used to have an absolutely amazing Aussie who we adopted from a couple going through a divorce (let’s not discuss this; the husband’s rant to me over the phone about what he’d do to their three dogs bordered on Mel Gibson-esque). He was already 5.5 years old, had been thoroughly trained, had a whole buffet of tricks and this huge propensity for wanting to please (Bill Wyman’s dressing up the dogs for photos is nothing in comparison to what my kids put that poor dog through). His best trick: When anyone would come home after a ‘terrible/awful day’, his radar would go off immediately and he’d sneak up on you, put his head on your lap and not leave until you’d started to pet him. Saved us thousands in counseling charges, I’m sure. He left us quite a while ago and we have not replaced him since I’m convinced that he was one of the Zen lamas in disguise and our chances of meeting up with him again are rather small.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Heather and Toby,

      I’m always so happy to read your thoughts!

      Love, Geri

  2. Heather Chapple says:

    He is very cute…. good for soul and good for the health, all combined with unconditional love!


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