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I knew I was in trouble a couple of years ago, when it suddenly became harder to rise from the seat on the subway or get up off the floor after playing with my then one-year old grandson. I could no longer pop up from a chair or the ground. I needed my hands to help boost me into standing position. And, if I sat in a chair for a long time–say a few hours–my joints felt stiff when I got up!  Winter weather only made it all worse.

leadAlthough I knew my age was affecting my decreased flexibility, it took a little researching to find out exactly what was happening. Here’s the lowdown, according to The smooth, rubbery connective tissue on the end of our bones, called cartilage, cushions our joints and helps them to move smoothly and easily, but it wears out with age, so we can’t spring up from the floor like we did when we’re 25. Decades of walking, exercising, and moving also take a toll on cartilage and, when it degenerates, our joints can become inflamed, causing mild soreness or aching when we stand, climb stairs, or exercise.

WAIT! There’s more:

Young woman with knee pain isolated on whiteWe lose muscle tone and bone strength the older we get, which can make physical tasks, even ones that were once second nature, more difficult and taxing on our body. Then there’s the winter. “Anything cold causes muscles, ligaments {fibrous connective tissue that holds together a joint}  and tendons {fibrous collagen tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone} to sort of tighten up, and that makes them stiffer,” said Dr. James Gladstone, co-chief of the Sports Medicine Service at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine in New York to  

I also learned that I’d better start exercising, which didn’t mean trying to become Venus Williams. Low-impact exercise can help strengthen muscles, keep bones strong, and improve joint mobility, advised Dr. Peggy Yih, my internist. Yoga, bicycling and swimming are good because they’re easier on the joints. The 20 pounds I had gained during the preceding five years had to go, too!  Being overweight, or obese, puts additional stress on our joints, cartilage and bones, especially in our knees, not to mention it makes you less likely to be physically active.


Knowledge is power, so I sprung into action.

Ensure-VannI’ve been doing cardio and weight-training an average of three times a week, over Skype, with Vann Duke, an exceptional coach. I lost 20 pounds (could probably lose 10 more), by eating healthier (exercising helps).  I take dietary supplements for vitamins I can’t sufficiently get from foods, including one that supports bone health.  

Most recently, I started taking Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health & Muscle, which is especially formulated for exercise recovery, so I feel less stiff after intense sessions with Vann and walking up and down the two flights of stairs in my new (old) house multiple times a day. The capsules include tart cherry, an antioxidant that helps alleviate muscle soreness, Ester-C to boost enzymes for collagen formation, and Joint Shield, an exclusive ingredient for joint maintenance.

Osteo Bi-Flex is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for joint health and it is leading the call to empower us to keep physically active and enjoy the activities that make us happy, including playing on the floor with grandchildren and other little kids.

Young girl and grandmother playing together sat on a carpet in the living room

The Joint Health & Muscle supplement I’m taking is part of a range of Osteo Bi-Flex products designed to address varying conditions, but all support joint health. Triple Strength, for example, is recommended for those of us who experience more joint stiffness. It supplies us with glucosamine and chondroitin, which are naturally occurring substances to help the body maintain fluid and flexibility in the joints, as well as build cartilage.  

I’ve been taking two capsules daily of Osteo Bi-Flex Joint Health & Muscle, for about three weeks, and absolutely do not feel uncomfortably stiff after sessions with Vann or climbing stairs all day long.  The package claims it “shows improved joint comfort within 7 days!” a claim to which I can personally attest.


I urge you to check out the Osteo Bi-Flex website to learn more about your joint health, so you can keep up the lifestyle you want to live.

And you can follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, insights from experts and stories from others who are enjoying the benefits of joints that work and feel better.

October is Joint Health Awareness Month, so this is the perfect time to join the joint movement!

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