“Here we are, Snoopy, sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin.”

Waiting has never been my strong suit, but it’s become such a necessity today that I have learned to deal with it.

I wait for results of important medical tests without worrying myself sick about the outcome. Anxiety breeds more anxiety, which won’t change the results, anyway.

I wait for companies to respond to my sales presentations without worrying endlessly that the reason they haven’t called back is negative news. Because even if it is, my life won’t fall apart.

I wait for employees to complete important assignments, without jumping down their throats asking where they are, since a day or two longer isn’t going to make a bit of difference. Besides, most deadlines have time built into them.

I wait for delayed planes to take off, without cursing the weather or the airline, since I can’t change either.

Now I not only have to wait for things that relate to me; I wait with the people I love for the results of their medical tests, job interviews, first dates, school acceptances, business negotiations, and countless other situations. When we’re young we spend most of our time focusing on our own needs and wants. Now that we’re FOF, we care about others a great deal more, sometimes even more than we care about ourselves…our children, for instance.

I don’t know if good things necessarily come to those who wait. But I do know waiting isn’t so bad after all.

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3 Responses to ““Here we are, Snoopy, sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin.””

  1. Vera J says:

    I have a very hard time waiting on anything. When I send an email I want an instant response. Although I know that sometimes I can’t respond to others that quickly. I still want my emails answered ASAP! My son says I am the Queen of overreacting. I just need to know NOW! And I don’t think that is good. LOL

    I get my feelings hurt when I comment on someones Facebook and there is no response. Is it me? Are they mad at me? You see the picture here? Me, Me Me? This is not good.

    I also tend to think negative when I send out a proposal to a prospective client. If there is no response in a few hours, I start climbing the walls. Good? No.

    Is there a cure for this?

    At 61 years young, I really am trying to calm down and just relax. The news will be good or it will be bad. I can’t change it. Worrying won’t make the outcome any different.

    Just take a deep breath…

    • marilyn says:

      Vera, I love your honesty…most of us wouldn’t be that honest….thank you!

  2. Shelley says:

    Waiting is also easier when you are not doing it alone. Someone who is there in good as well as trying times, like a wonderful FOF sister.


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