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FabOverFifty has partnered with Lady Patch to bring you a very important message about your bladder health!

My mother used to call me a “camel” because I could hold in my urine for hours on end. Then, one fine day a few years ago, I was alarmed to feel some leaking while I performed yoga poses in class! I forgot about it, until it happened again a few weeks later, when I sneezed during a walk with Rigby. I was reluctant to tell anyone, including my doctor, but I worried about what was going on.

When I broke down and saw the doctor, I learned I have a condition called “light bladder leakage,” or “urinary incontinence,” and that I was far from alone. LBL is extremely common, affecting as many as 30 percent of American women.

LBL Triggers

Besides stressors such as coughing, sneezing or exercise, many other factors can trigger bladder leakage, including (but not limited to) smoking, alcohol and caffeine, previous pregnancy and childbirth, hysterectomy, obesity and medical conditions including hypertension, vascular disease, urinary tract infections and diabetes.

As if all these aren’t enough, menopause is another culprit of LBL. Before menopause, estrogen keeps the bladder lining healthy and strengthens the pelvic muscles by stimulating blood flow to the pelvic region. Decreasing estrogen, however, weakens the connective tissues of the pelvis and urinary tract, which act as the supports to the bladder and urethra. This may prevent your pelvic muscles from keeping the opening of your bladder sealed, which invites unwanted leaks, especially when you cough, sneeze, or lift something heavy.

The capacity of the bladder also decreases as we age, forcing us to go to the restroom more frequently. It can sometimes even be tough to get to the toilet in time.

Enter Lady Patch

The clitoris is the powerhouse behind the nerves throughout our body’s entire pelvic floor. And now a strikingly simple–and clever–product, called Lady Patch, can be safely positioned on the clitoris with an adhesive back to help stimulate the nerves throughout the pelvic region, enhance pelvic muscle tone, and give you more control over your bladder and leaking. Wearing the small Lady Patch can be likened to applying pressure with your finger or crossing your legs. It works with your body.

The Regular Lady Patch is designed for everyday use, for travel or overnight, and the Active Lady Patch is best when doing activities like exercising, dancing and walking the dog, Both are completely drug free. The Lady Patch stays in place and I don’t feel a thing. I replace it about every six hours and then before bedtime. It is removed before sex.

product-revThe small Lady Patch is a cinch to apply by pressing its adhesive side directly onto the clitoris, above the labia. It stays in place and I don’t feel a thing. I replace it about every six hours and then before bedtime. It needs to be removed before sex.

With the summer travel season approaching, many of us will likely be spending more time in the car, on planes, and enjoying the great outdoors. I’m taking a long plane ride to Rome this week, and I know that my trusty new travel companion, Lady Patch, will keep me feeling secure and comfortable.

Learn more about Lady Patch here and try it today!

activitiesThis post is sponsored by Lady Patch. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting FabOverFifty!

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