Making her marks

Let me get a confession out of the way: I just read about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent nuptials to his long-time girlfriend,  Priscilla Chan, and I am a bit envious of her.  This girl is only 27 and she appears to have her act supremely together.

She married one of the richest, most connected men on the planet, but isn’t letting his fame or money take over her life. She has her own life and accomplishments. A Harvard alum, she recently graduated from medical school and wants to be a pediatrician. She shuns the spotlight and didn’t turn her wedding into a publicity extravaganza.

When she and Mark reunited after a separation a few years ago, she made him agree to spend at least 100 minutes a week with her and go on one date,  without distractions. She also chose to live in her own place.

Only a secure woman could act like this. Instead of anxiously waiting for Mark to call for a date, and then getting upset because he was too busy to make time to see her, she demanded what she deserved: his undivided attention, at least for a brief time each week. Only a secure woman would pursue her own passions, spending grueling hours studying medicine, instead of making lots of money working at her boyfriend’s high-profile company.

Priscilla also asked Mark to agree to take a two-week overseas trip each year. How cool is that!

She must have a terrific body image, as well. Not a small woman, based on the photos I’ve seen, she didn’t starve herself for her wedding day, like countless brides do.

When I was 27, I didn’t have one tenth of Priscilla’s  self-worth. That, plus her seeming adoration for the man she married, is what every woman should have. (It doesn’t hurt that he’s a billionaire, cute and pretty smart,  too.)




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  1. Kate Line Snider says:

    We have a family wedding coming up on the 9th.How nice to see that not all brides become Bridezilla!

  2. Joni says:

    Boy, I sure didn’t have my own life at that age. That didn’t feel like it came until 45!
    I’m happy to hear she has some stipulations for a happy marriage she requires from him. Otherwise, what’s the use of settling down with someone if they can’t offer use some things we couldn’t do for ourselves? They should be icing on the cake we’re already busy making. Not the whole lot of ingredients with instructions too! ha! Can you tell my entire first marriage was all about HIM?


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