Man, oh man!

Facts, figures and survey results come across my email daily, about everything under the sun, and I trash most of them, but three stood out in the last week that I wanted to share with you.

1. 80 percent of FOF women who divorce don’t remarry. A few reasons why: We have plenty going for us, so who needs a man; men over 50 prefer women under 40 (or 30), making it harder to find a good man, even if we want one; we don’t want to play nursemaid or breadwinner to a new man, no matter what his age.

No wonder hundreds of websites and blogs offer advice to FOFs on finding a good man.  Surely, there are a few good men out there, so it’s great to get all the help we can.  Our favorite dating coach is Cheryl Ann Savage.


Who need a man? Gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, and her beloved dogs

2. Women yearn for the days of old-fashioned courtship, rather than equality in dating, according to a poll at (which claims to be the #1 online source for relationship advice.) Almost 70 percent of the single and committed women surveyed by the site agreed that the Elizabethan era represented the “ideal time period of courtship because a male suitor would go to all lengths to court a woman.” Over 20 percent of respondents thought the “hunter-gatherer” society was appealing because women could “stay at home while the men went out to hunt.” The hippie era of “free love” appeals to about 10 percent of the respondents. No one preferred our present-day society in the Information Age.




The results surprised Helen Park, co-founder of the site that conducted the survey, but they don’t surprise me a bit.  Women may be more independent than ever, and want equality in our salaries and careers, but when it comes to romance, we like it the old-fashioned way.

3.  Despite the independence women have achieved, 38 percent of female workers said they feel they are paid less than male counterparts with the same skills and experience, up from 34 percent in 2008 and 31 percent in 2003, according to research from CareerBuilder. Forty-five percent of men surveyed reported they make $50,000 or more, compared to 24 percent of women.

Men still earn more than we do and they no longer bother to spend their money, no less time, to court a woman. I say it’s time for an uprising.


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