Mating calls

I’m among the legions of FOF divorcees. For one, we often married too young and grew wildly different than our husbands. I also think one of the key reasons our marriages failed was because we didn’t listen to our parents. Perhaps my mother didn’t recognize the kind of partner I needed, but she sure knew what I didn’t need.  I wasn’t interested in her opinion.

Now more of us are tuned into our kid’s needs, and more kids are letting us put in our two cents about their potential mates. And, as the adage goes, “the older they get, the smarter we become.”

FOF launched Date My Single Kid in July so FOF moms could help set up their fab single kids.  We have 700 kids signed on to date, even from as far away as Brazil. These moms clearly have wonderful relationships with their kids and their kids must surely respect their opinions.

I wonder if Jessica's mom approves of her daughter's new fiance?

Speaking of kids, one of mine, 31-year-old Colby, runs the DMSK part of the site and he wrote a clever piece about celebrities who could use relationship advice from their moms. Check it out. And if you have a single kid, or know a single kid, get them up on DMSK right now!

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