Max is awesome

How cool is this: A FOF woman going to a jazz club at 11 pm in New York City with her really cool about-to-be-20- year old nephew.

That’s me. I’ve been learning about jazz from Max, who plays the sax and guitar and occasionally comes into the city from his university to hear groups he loves. How lucky am I to have a nephew who A.) isn’t completely embarrassed to be with me and B.) Is so passionate about jazz, not to mention all-things Chinese, that it rubs off on me whenever I’m with him.

I wanted to take Esperanza home with me

We were at the famous Village Vanguard last night, where I learned what an aulochrome is, was captivated by sensational Esperanza Spaulding, and listened to the titillating sounds of Joe Lovano’s “Us 5.”

The set ended too quickly  but I look forward to buying Esperanza’s solo album. We didn’t hear her sing yesterday, but Max assures me I’ll love it as much as I loved listening to her on the bass.

Max rarely misses a beat when it comes to knowing what his FOF aunt will like.

Life can be so jazzy, when you least expect it.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Barbara,

    And he’s a real looker, too!


  2. Barbara says:

    How fabulous Geri!!
    My nephews also have great taste in music and burn the best CDs for me.
    What a wonderful way to spend time with a fab nephew.

    ox Barbara


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