Memories are made from this

The most precious things we have, which, sadly, also can be the most awful, are our memories. I guess that’s why we do everything we can to save the ones we cherish, any way we can. We snap photos, shoot videos, author diaries and talk about old times. When we don’t have any of these, we just remember.

I saw a fascinating object yesterday on the Antiques Road Show: A large pedestal that had been covered with pieces of memorabilia from a woman’s life, including a gold bracelet, a tiny carved Bible, coins, prizes from state fairs, and even two teeth. The woman who created the Folk Art Memory Tower might have been a potter, the appraiser thought, because she had also attached to it little  stands that potters used to bake their work. The tower was made in the late nineteenth center and was worth $4,000 to $6,000 dollars, even though the woman whose life it represented wasn’t famous.

The Memory Tower from the late 1800s

However, whenever, and wherever we collect our memories, their sum total is priceless.

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One Response to “Memories are made from this”

  1. Deborah Milne says:

    Memories are 100% when it comes down to the end of our days what we hold tight. The idea of a ‘memory tower’ is enchanting and a bit tear jerking too. Would that woman who made it be shocked as to it’s value to someone else?


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