More and less

Top 10 lists of things I need to do more—and less—of:


1. Weight bearing exercise for bone health

Artist: Peter Worsley

2. Reading for brain stimulation

3. Listening to happy music

4. Real vacations, also known as trying to relax

5. Learning about how people live in other countries

Einstein's desk

6.  Keeping my desk uncluttered so my mind can be the same way

7. Knitting since it relaxes me

8. Training Rigby to be less spoiled

9. Seeing my nephew, Adam, who I am getting to really know, and love, more and more

10. Trying something new


1. Eating the icing off of one of David’s cupcakes in the middle of the night

2. Drinking cappuccino

3. Impulsive buying

4. Taking cabs if I’m feeling lazy

5. Getting frustrated when people don’t do things as quickly as I want them to

6. Giving Rigby treats when I want him to keep quiet (he’s a dog)

7. Looking at my Blackberry

8. Watching really dumb TV shows, even if I love them, like The Nanny (at midnight)

9. Eating the delicious, crumbly topping from a piece of David’s blueberry cake in the middle of the night

10. Thinking about work

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  1. nicole says:

    You may not want to learn too much about him, because you may begin to hate him. I have a love hate relationship with him. Works best that way 😉

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    I find making lists like these (especially on the ‘more of’ side) works better for me if I do it with a calendar in front of me (even one down to the hours in the day/appts. sort) and actually write them in with a specific time so that the things that I really want to do don’t get lost in the clutter of all the other stuff I end up doing. All of these come under the header of “Making Time for Me” – and if you actually don’t set aside time for YOU, then it’s really hard to make them happen for yourself. As women (FOF and younger), it’s really easy to get “Me Time” eaten up with doing stuff for other people, which is very nice but doesn’t get the “Me” stuff taken care of.

  3. lina says:

    Ha! I love this. I am sitting here eating a giant block of cheese and thinking that should be on my “less” list.


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