My body, my self

I had small breasts for years, really small. Didn’t-need-a-bra small. Now they’re bigger and droopy. Priority to have fixed: 1

I never had washboard abs, but now they’re more like the entire washtub. Even if I lose 40 pounds, my stomach will still look tubby.  Priority to lose weight, and then have my stomach fixed: 8.92

I always had thin arms. They’re still on the thin side, but the skin that hangs from them must be hidden at all times. Priority to have my arms fixed: .5

I had my ears pierced when I was 17 and always loved hanging earrings. Now I can’t wear most hanging earrings because the holes have stretched and my earlobes look awful. Priority to have my earlobes fixed: 2

My hair used to be thick and curly. Now it’s thin and semi curly, semi frizzy. Sometimes I think I’m getting a bald spot in the front. Priority to avoid baldness, even if I have to buy a $4,000 wig: 10

My memory used to be razor sharp. Now, I’ve got to write notes to remember everything that’s important. I loved the show “Breaking Bad” and saw all the episodes over a few days a few months ago, yet it took me a few minutes to recall the story line. Priority to keep my memory as intact as possible, even though I sadly don’t have much control over it: 10

My thighs and hips have never resembled those of Natalie Portman, but now they look more like Kirsty Alley’s.  Priority to get them more in shape: 6.8

Despite the fact my body isn’t in the tiptop shape it once was, my emotional shape is better than ever. I’ve actually never felt as good about myself. I wouldn’t trade how I feel for the best breasts, abs or arms in town.

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  1. Tammy says:

    LOVED this piece! Oh my gosh, girl…we are living in a parallel universe! I just wrote a letter to God, yup, God, addressing the whole aging body thing. You hit the nail on the head. Lovely read.

  2. Kathleen Klatt says:

    I would recommend that anybody who is thinking about having their arms fixed, check out what the scars look like. They’re pretty horrendous. They go from the wrist to the arm pit on the inside of the arms. Not attractive.

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Kathleen,



      • Geri Brin says:

        Hi Nat

  3. Duchesse says:

    I always think about what I heard Bobbi Brown (the makeup company founder) say in an interview: “Women with surgery don’t look younger, they just look like an older woman with surgery.”

  4. Marsha Calhoun says:

    Certainly interesting (and resonant!) – I am assuming that by “fixed” you mean surgically altered, correct?

  5. Maris Ehlers says:

    Great blog, and great post about the beauty of women as they age. I think it takes many of us time to “grow” into a lot of the beauty that we actually do possess.

    I am a photographer and it makes me so sad when older women don’t think they still have it and feel unsure of themselves when it comes to a portrait. The women who feel like they have earned their wrinkles and whathaveyou typically make breathtaking portraits. They are who they are and they are no longer apologizing for it!

    Here is a link to my post this morning about a beautiful, powerful and older woman!

    • Gail Ahern says:

      I believe that every wrinkle and sag are gifts….my most unforgettable and valued women are Goldi Meir, Eleanor Roosevelt and Mother Therese….all three self-less, courageous women, who spent their time in changing the world, not trying to please it……they are wonderful examples to me of what true beauty is…….it is inner, it is courage, it is grace under all of life’s situations. It wasn’t lipstick, rouge, mascara, uplifting bras and spankz, the latest hairdo’s or styles….it was an inner beauty born of the gift of sacrifice. I love the gift of age….I treasure the breath of everyday….I treasure life.

  6. Linda McCoy says:

    Hi Geri,
    I have all of these issues and more! There is one I have been able to fix without much effort; the curly hair issue. I always hated my curly hair, I straightened, flat ironed, tried to de-frizz, colored it to make it straighter, anything I could do to fight it. My daughter has the same hair. She’s a stylist and is a specialist in “Diva Curl” hair. The solution is so simple, I don’t kow where it’s been all this time. You can google it to find a stylist where you live. I’m tryimg to think of a way to repurpose my flat iron……….maybe a lawn ornament
    Hope all is well with you!


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