My timing is off

I have always prided myself on my promptness, my follow up and my sense of responsibility. I showed up for appointments when I said I would. I returned phone calls. I finished every bit of homework from first grade until my last college class. I met writing deadlines at work.

Time to slow down

Not now. I can’t keep up with the demands on my time. A single e-mail leads to 12 more, one assignment spurns three, a mistake on a credit card bill takes two hours to clear up and, heaven forbid, a slowdown on my Internet service causes havoc.

I’m answering e-mails when I’m supposed to be at the dentist, blogging when I’m supposed to be meeting my husband for dinner, and working in the middle of the night when I’m supposed to be sleeping.  I’m so busy I forget to look at my to-do list, which just gets longer and longer anyway.

My friend asks me to send her a e-mail with information she needs and I ask her to send me an e-mail to remind me.  Then I forget to look at the e-mail.

“Too many things have our attention and we can’t give anything the attention it deserves. Most of all, we can’t give ourselves the attention we deserve,” said Hane, my wise colleague.

I used to have energy to burn.  Now, my energy is being pushed to its limits. I’m glad I’m FOF so I can sit back, take a deep breath and remember: “There will be another day.”

If you’ll excuse me, I am going to take Rigby for a walk and try to relax.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi LPC,

    I’m not sure the ability to hurry has deserted me as much as the desire.


  2. LPC says:

    I think this phenomenon is worse for those of us who had more than average skills as young women. We could hurry, well, so we coasted. The ability to hurry deserts us, then what? Then how?


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