Was Isaac Newton Talking About YOU?

We women can be “funny,” especially when we avow one week that we’re going to start eating right, drinking fewer glasses of Merlot, and exercising more, then do a 360 the next!

Case in point: Near the end of 2015, we sent an email to the FabOverFifty community and invited women to meet Vann Duke, the man who has taught me to actually enjoy exercising during the last year. Exercising, as in lifting dumbbells and doing other weight-bearing routines for my bone density and muscle mass, cardio for my heart health, and ab work to strengthen my core.


Women were excited!  About 40 FOFs emailed back within a day and enthusiastically told us they “were in,” saying that they couldn’t wait to meet Vann, since they REALLY needed to start moving and finally get in shape in the new year.

We gave each of them a number of days and time slots when they could join an intimate group Skype session with Vann.  Every single woman chose a session, which was gratis, by the way. We also followed up with emails to remind everyone about their sessions and how to reach Vann on Skype. Vann had to add groups to fit everyone in,  since he didn’t want the get togethers to be too large and lose their impact.

I assumed not everyone would show up. After all, we get busy, our schedules change, and emergencies arise. But I never dreamed 75 percent of the “committed” ladies simply would bail.

What’s more, most never bothered to contact Vann to explain why they didn’t show, or to reschedule. Maybe they all found trainers, joined gyms, or started exercise programs on their own. More likely, most of them simply decided they just can’t be bothered to start exercising just yet. And they found any excuse they could to make sure they didn’t!  

I get it.  I really, really get it.  Hopefully, though, those of you who were excited to meet Vann in the first place will eventually make a real commitment to exercising.  Not because you want to be size 8, or meet a new man, but because it will do every inch of your body–and your mind–a world of good.   

BRAVO! to the 10 women who did meet Vann. He told me you were passionate about taking your body on a new path.

One of you just turned 50, Vann reported, and wants to reclaim the active lifestyle you once shared with your family; another one of you, who just turned 60, is starting to see big changes in your body and you’re feeling like it’s ‘betraying’ you.

The women who did attend had firmly decided not to settle for unwanted weight gain, low energy, pain and weakness, and disappointment in their bodies, Vann said.  They were ready to start a fitness regimen, but knew they needed the guidance and motivation to begin making the big changes they desired.     

Remember Newton’s First Law of Motion, which states:

“A body at rest will remain at rest unless an outside force acts on it,

 and a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion

 in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”  

So, if you’re the “body at rest,” chances are you’re going to stay at rest unless an “outside force” acts on you. EXERCISE, my FOFriends, IS THE OUTSIDE FORCE. And, once you start moving, it’s a good bet that you’ll stay in motion!


Smart fellow, that Newton!

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3 Responses to “Was Isaac Newton Talking About YOU?”

  1. laydeebugred says:

    I didn’t meet with him or agree to meet with him. I must have missed that email but I did resolve to start back with my P90X exercise. I started January 1 and so far still at it. I feel so much better in these few weeks and have so much more energy.

  2. Darcy Grabenstein says:

    I was one of the 10 who did meet Vann. He’s very knowledgeable and encouraging!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Darcy,

      Pleased you feel this way. Thank you for letting me know. Fondly, Geri


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