No one ever called me a “princess”

I’m not sure I’m going to wake up at 4 a.m. to watch the ROYAL WEDDING live this Friday. I think I need my beauty sleep more than I need to watch two 29-year-olds get married with whom I have absolutely nothing in common (except I’m a commoner, and so is the bride.) I can always watch news accounts of the big event, which, I’m certain, will flood the airwaves and Internet for days.

If any of you have been sleeping under a rock recently, a smart, pretty (and thin) young woman, named Kate, is marrying a smart, handsome (and trim) Prince William. He’s the oldest son of Prince Charles and Diana, the Duchess of Wales, who died tragically in 1997. The pending event has captured the attention of the world.

I never dreamed of being a princess and living in a castle.  I would have made a dreadful princess, anyway, and I’m not a fan of castle architecture or furnishings. Curtsy to my mother in law? Are you kidding! Ride a horse?  Not for me. Make small talk and smile 24/7.  Not on your life. Nevertheless, the life of the “royals” captivates us, and I am no exception. If I do watch the hoopla, I will be curious to see how Camilla interacts with Kate, the role Diana plays in the ceremony and whether Queen Elizabeth acts like a real person. She seems to take herself entirely too seriously.  Now that she’s FOF, she needs to lighten up,  maybe pass the torch (oops, throne) to her son or even to her grandson.  That would liven up the situation, for sure.






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6 Responses to “No one ever called me a “princess””

  1. Marguerite Krenek says:

    Got up at 5am CST. Thought the wedding was marvelous. Kudos to the British and God’s blessings on Will and Kate.

  2. sarah baldwin says:

    Geri… Great post! very cute! I just may have to get up and surprise my ‘Prince Charming’ in my Goodnighties with a fancy hat and some mini cucumber sandwiches! Afterall, we all need to watch to see if the Queen carries a handbag…what’s in that thing anyway?! S.

    • Kate Line Snider says:


  3. Kate Line Snider says:

    Oh, I’m going to watch it! Probably not at 4 AM- I’ll catch the recap.

    Weddings are not a novelty to me at my age (I’ve actually been mother-of-the-groom 6 times- i kid you NOT) but like all royal weddings, it’s an historical event, and I want to see all the pomp and ceremony, not to mention the hats! Now…what will Camilla wear?! 🙂

  4. Heather Chapple says:

    We can only hope love will conquer all for Kate!

  5. Toby Wollin says:

    These days, being a ‘princess’ is no one’s dream, I should think – Princess Catherine (or whatever royal title she gets thumped with) will know 24/7 that she can never, ever, let anything down. Head up, tummy and butt tucked in, she must remain trim and meet the media’s measure of what is attractive…forever. A baby will be in her future very soon (the heir and a spare) and she absolutely MUST return to pre-baby trimness within days. I’m sure Victoria Beckham will be on the blower to let her know just how to do it. She will spend the next 60+ years cutting ribbons, smashing bottles of champagne, visiting schools, promoting charities. And probably going quietly crazy because she worked very very hard and is very very smart in order to get into St. Andrews (and don’t make any mistake – without her family’s being very very successful and rich, to enable her to go to a high ranking private school, she never would have gone to St. Andrews), it will all, in the end, come down to — her appearance. No one envies her.


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