Oh, how do you solve a problem like Maria’s?

Of course you’ve heard Maria and Arnold are separating, as in Shriver and Schwarzenegger.  They’ve been married 25 years and are now assessing their futures, according to the media. Obviously, their decision didn’t just pop out of thin air.

Arnold is 63 and knows what he wants to do.  He’s made a deal to do more Terminator movies.  Maria is 55 and she’s not so sure. “Like a lot of you, I’m in transition,” she said for a video she made a couple of months ago for her website, in which she encourages people to be “architects for change.”

Maria’s been a TV journalist, a political wife, a devoted daughter and mother.  She organized an annual Women’s Conference in California and she continued to do TV projects during her stint as California’s First Lady. She told USA Today that she’s lived in a “bubble” during the last seven years, which have been “a time of upheaval” for her.

“… when you’re 50 to 55, you start asking yourself ‘Where am I going?’ I see so many women in their 50s who are in this kind of crisis, saying they do not know what they want to do. It can be scary, but it’s a wonderful age and time of opportunity for women. They wonder ‘Can I think of my own needs now? Or do I need to put up with a bad situation anymore?'” said Elaine Ducharme, a psychologist, to USA Today.

Maria may not know what she wants to do, but like many FOFs (women especially), she wants to evolve.  I agree with psychologist Elaine. FOF is a time of great opportunity.  And who better than FOFs at grabbing opportunity and running with it?

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  1. kailyn says:

    Oh no I like to see them together. But who knows what is really going on behind the scenes….


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