One less headache

I often had headaches when I was a kid.  Looking back, I’m sure they came from stress. I was always stressed out about something.  Even though my self-induced anxiety continued for decades, the headaches stopped years ago, except for one that forced me home from work in the middle of the day.  The pounding was so intense I could barely open my eyes. I crashed onto my bed and fell into a deep sleep for hours.  When I awoke, completely drenched in perspiration, the headache was gone. It had to have been a migraine.

One of my former young employees, Elizabeth, was often overcome by migraines. I felt terrible for her since I knew what she was experiencing. She’d sometimes have to stay home for days.  The medication she took was not completely effective.

Over 27 million women in the United States suffer from migraines, three times the number of men. Fluctuating estrogen levels supposedly contribute to the problem, according to the Migraine Research Foundation in New York.

Elizabeth and the other 27 million women will be thrilled to know that the FDA has just approved BOTOX injections for migraine treatment. Yep, it’s the same BOTOX that helps us say adios, at least temporarily, to wrinkles. Dr. William J. Binder, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon (of all places), reportedly was the first to discover and pioneer the use of BOTOX for these debilitating headaches. The FDA approval is based on his injection protocol, which can prevent the onset of migraines for months.

Dr. Binder cautioned in a radio interview that it’s critical for headache sufferers to get the proper workup to confirm whether they really have migraines.  And, if you’re a candidate for BOTOX, make sure the doctor you use is experienced in treating migraines.  Just because a dermatologist or plastic surgeon is a pro with wrinkles doesn’t mean he knows a thing about headaches.

An incompetent doctor is the last headache you need.

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  1. Deborah Milne says:

    One of those discoveries that leaves you in awe. Who would of ‘thunk’!!


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