I Just Want To Say One Word To You. Just One Word: “Masturbation.”

All this leads me to tell you about a sexual health device, called Fiera Arouser for Her, to which I was introduced at a press event about five months ago. After learning about the product, I knew I wanted to try it, as soon as possible.

Fiera is like no other tool to enhance intimacy on the market, and I mean no other. It’s not a vibrator. It’s not a pill or supplement. It’s not a cream or gel.  It’s a small, discreet and hands-free accessory that stimulates blood flow in the clitoris and encourages vaginal lubrication, helping get your body ready for a enjoyable sexual experience.

Anyone who has watched the popular Showtime series, Masters of Sex, knows that scientific data demonstrates sexual arousal by measuring changes in blood flow in the clitoris, a key physiological response that shows a woman’s body is ready for sex.

Fiera is shaped to fit comfortably inside the labia, atop the clitoris.

Once the power button is pressed, the device softly attaches itself to the clitoris through suction, and then a trio of tiny vibrating stimulators gently surround the clitoris to provide extra stimulation and send blood into the area. Buttons on the topside of Fiera control the pattern and intensity of the stimulation vibes, ranging from soft and slow to harder and speedier (but not so hard or fast to cause any discomfort.)  A soft, removable cover, called a SofSense ring, is snapped into place before each use, and washed in warm, soapy water between uses.

A great little device before sex or masturbation

It’s pretty easy to switch speeds and patterns, once you get the hang of it, and little lights tell you when Fiera is attaching, properly suctioned, or needs to be recharged. The settings, combined with the gentle suction, help you find the ideal combination to enhance arousal and desire. The clever little thing isn’t meant to give you an out-and-out orgasm, but to get you in the mood-physically and mentally-to have one, whether or not you have a partner.

Using it before masturbation definitely enhances your orgasm

The user guide explains that it can take three to four times before you feel that you’ve positioned Fiera so it’s most effective. I can personally attest to that! I’ve used it numerous  times. It works like a charm. And I can’t wait to use it again.

By the way, Fiera isn’t just for menopausal or postmenopausal women. Other stressors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, or lack of sleep, can negatively impact sexual interest and response. You also can use Fiera to enhance an already satisfying sexual relationship.

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4 Responses to “I Just Want To Say One Word To You. Just One Word: “Masturbation.””

  1. rhon64 says:

    “Your genitals, your vulva, your clitoris, your vagina, those are parts of your body that also need to be exercised,” ……wow,,,didn’t know that!

  2. Lisa says:

    Only I know how fantastic masturbation can make me feel, how often I want to masturbate and when to do it. Being on the cusp of menopause at 51, I find that lately I have been on the perpetual “period” loop. I ask myself and my BFF of many years, “Will it ever stop…Am I dying…Is this normal… Am I going to bleed out…” add this to the pee factor or lack of control there of, ever present– I am a hot mess. Do I want to be touched? Go ahead…try it.
    Less contact with my significant other is the only way for me right now, and I think at this point, we both understand one another. Masturbation is my friend, confidante and great hope. Ridiculous, yes. Honest, yes.

  3. margaret says:

    Great article Geri – thank you very much for starting this conversation!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Thanks so much, Margaret, for your comment. I just wish more women would join the conversation publicly.
      Fondly, Geri


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