Orange you the best

I love orange because it's happy, but it wasn't making me happy today

I was strolling alone on Madison Avenue today, feeling a bit tired and melancholy. I also was thinking about the orange shearling coat I was wearing. “Why was she thinking of the coat she was wearing?” you’re probably asking yourself. Answer: I was feeling like an orange blob.

At precisely the same moment, I hear a women’s voice on my left: “Great orange coat,” she says, striding ahead of me. “Thank you, thank you,” I answer, a smile spreading across my face.

She was FOF all the way, elegant looking all in black.

FOF women are the best. I just love them. Thank you again, my friend.  Your three little words couldn’t have come at a better time.

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  1. Duchesse says:

    Delightful example of our own eyes versus others’. A beautifully-coloured coat, especially in drab winter, lifts people’s spirits. One of my friends has always had at least one red coat for this reason.

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Matilda,

    Don’t forget to take a photo. How is your son doing?


  3. Matilda Andrews says:

    Today I was planning to wear a wonderful orange Armani jacket with new fabulous over the top orange vintage hat (that matches exactly!) to a lunch with other dear FOF women (and some in training) – bright, stylish, speak their mind, etc. It will mark my first return to normal events after my insanely healthy, 28 year old son was hospitalized in critical condition last Monday and diagnosed with Type I diabetes (NO family history anywhere). So orange to me – and expressing my gratitude for even the little kindnesses of strangers and friends – has renewed meaning for me. (I love your coat!)

    Regarding little compliments, I recently commented on the gorgeous eyes of my new dental hygienist, adding – “I bet everyone tells you”. Sadly, she said…”Not really”. What a shame, because they really were amazing.

    • Teresa says:

      So sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. My son was diagnosed at 6 and is now almost 17 and totally burned out on it so I battle with him daily to try to get him to take care of himself. If your son is healthy and hopefully mature, the disease really is something that can be dealt with. An insulin pump makes everything so much easier! Tell your son to hang in there! I know coming later in life, a diagnosis of what is known as “juvenile diabetes”, can be a shocker. It happens. Good luck!

  4. lady jicky says:

    I will give compliments and many people are surprised. Now they are honest ones too. Not those sickly “bs” ones but real ones . If someone has a nice dress etc – hell, I will tell them. that is one of the best things of getting older – we don’t care. We say what we think – kindly of course.
    I find many people are too scared to give them . It does not cost a cent and gives so much pleasure – like you felt when that lady liked your orange coat and you were on the other side of the fence feeling like a orange blob!
    Bet that feeling stopped pronto!

  5. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    I love orange. It makes me happy.


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